What to Wear When You Go Apple Picking

It’s apple-picking season once again and though not a lot of people make a big deal out of this, you know that as a fashionista, it’s yet another excuse to dress up and look cute (maybe buy one or two new fashion pieces too). So on to the question “what to wear when you go apple picking?” Well, you can wear whatever, really, but if you want to do a themed outfit, check out our tips and ideas below.

  • PLAID SHIRT – apple picking is one of the best things to look forward to in fall so wearing a fall staple such as a plaid shirt would be appropriate. If you want something simple and subdued, you can always go for a black and white plaid shirt. If you want something with more color, go for a red, black and white one (for a traditional look) or another one with more colors like green, yellow and brown.

great fall picking outfit plaid shirt outfit white and blue plaid shirt

  • SHEARLING VEST – it’s perhaps too early to go for a full on heavy jacket so a great alternative would be a vest and a shearling vest is something that would look perfect for a casual apple picking outfit. You can wear it on top of your plaid shirt (or a light sweater) for a simple but warm and cozy layered look.

black and white shearling black shearlng vest shearling vest and striped shirt

  • CUFFED JEANS – your usual jeans are perfectly fine, really, but if you want to get deeper into the look, roll up the cuffs for that rough and rugged look. This is a great alternative to cropped jeans, too. Make sure you fold and cuff your jeans right by the slimmest part of your legs so that they don’t end up looking short and stubby but longer and more slender instead.

sneakers and cuffed jeans cuffed jeans and boots ripped jeans and boots

  • LEGGINGS – but then again, when you want something more comfy than jeans, leggings is the way to go! Of course, you have to make sure that your top is long enough to cover your behind so you don’t get shot odd looks from other pickers.

army shirt and leggings outfit leggings  outfit fall outfit with leggings

  • BOOTS – boots are the best footwear of choice when going apple picking. Aside from the fact that it will keep your feet warm and cozy while out in the cold fall weather, it will also protect them from dirt (and possible mud) that’s in the orchard.

boots for apple picking

dark brown boots leather brown boots

Have you got your apple picking outfit ready yet? Tell us what you’re wearing to this year’s apple picking down in the comments below! We’d love to know how you create a chic outfit for ordinary events like these.