What To Wear With A Band Jacket

At this time and age, you won’t be surprised when I say that fashion takes inspiration at the most unexpected places. And your high school marching band–and the Queen’s Guard for that matter–is no exception. Just to be clear, when I said the Queen’s guard, I didn’t mean the fabulous headpiece that they wore.

Marching band jackets have been noticeably present on the streets and even on the runway for sometime. Most band jackets are stiff and wonderfully structured. They usually have a boxy shape and embedded with buttons and accents that are usually gold. Also, most of the time, they have a symmetrical design.

And if you’re planning on sporting one, you’d want it to look chic and not stuffy. Here are some apparels you can wear with a band jacket without your outfit looking costume-y.

  • With a white shirt – Having this jacket that is greatly embedded with buttons and accents, a plain white tee can harmonize well with it. You can also go for a classic black shirt, depending on the color of your jacket. Preferably, I love a dark jacket paired with white shirt and a bright or light-colored jacket with black.
    band jacket denim and heels
  • With a shirt dress – A breezy and loose shirt dress will contrast wonderfully with a tailored and sleek band jacket. You can even wear a pair of tights underneath.
    band jacket chain necklace tights
  • With boyfriend pants – Pairing a band jacket with a loose and relaxed boyfriend trousers is utterly androgynous. So choose a girly bag and ballet flats to add to your outfit for a dose of femininity.
    band jacket and boyfriend trousers

  • With leather pants – Both band jacket and leather pants are sleek when worn and this combination is very ideal for an alternative casual business outfit. There’s a personality in your outfit. To keep your look from going too far, slip on a silk blouse underneath and wear some elegant and utterly feminine jewelries.
    bamd jacket leather pants silk blouse
  • With ripped jeans – So how do you look like a rockstar without the stereotypical spikes and buckle-filled pants? A bold-colored band jacket and ripped jeans will do the trick. You won’t just look like a rockstar, there’s an edgy chicness to your outfit.
    band jacket ripped jeans
  • With shorts – You can make your typical relaxed and casual outfit a tad bit dressier by wearing a band jacket. And hey, this is a great unconventional festival outfit. 
    band jacket denim shorts and tee
  • With a skirt – On contrary, a band jacket can dress down a skirt. Another way to wear a band jacket with skirt is by closing the band jacket entirely and making it an alternative top. Of course, with an overly designed top half, you’d want something plain for your bottom half so a plain skirt is a safe choice.
    band jacket and skirt
  • With a dress – Like skirts, you can also dress down your dress by wearing a band jacket over it. A loose dress made of light material will be amazing underneath a stiff and sleek band jacket. The contrast will be splendid.
    band jacket and white dress
  • With lace – Band jackets typically exude a masculine sort of feeling with it’s boxy and non-flattering silhouette. Paired with the ever-feminine lace, the outfit will look absolutely great. I’d suggest wearing the lace on the bottom half of your outfit rather than underneath the band jacket so that it will be more noticeable. 
  • With sneakers – Sneakers have the power to dress down any outfit. You could be wearing something super cool and sleek with a band jacket but wear a sneakers on any outfit will create an instant casual look.
    band jacket jean shorts sneakers
  • With boots – If you’ll be sporting a band jacket and boots combo, it is recommended to steer clear of pants and silk blouses–and pleated skirts for that matter. This will result to looking exactly like a member of a marching band and we don’t want to look costume-y. Opt instead for a more relaxed piece underneath your band jacket like a floral dress. 
    band jacket and dress