What to Wear With a Bib Necklace

All outfits always look better when you choose the right accessories to go with it. This is why it’s important that you know what to wear with a certain accessory and what not to wear with it. The bib necklace is a great statement piece that you can wear with many things to achieve varied looks.

bridal bib  necklace

bib necklace

The most basic thing you can wear with a bib necklace is a simple shirt. A simple, plain round neck or shirt paired with a cute bib necklace looks very chic and casual. This is one way to turn your most ordinary, everyday outfit into an extraordinary one. You can also wear a cardigan or a jacket over your plain shirt if you’re wearing this for the colder season or if you just want to dress it up a little bit more.

crochet bib necklace

Any top that comes in a neutral color is a sure match for a cute bib necklace. This is because the simplicity of the neutral top is well counterbalanced by the intricateness and boldness of your statement bib necklace. Oftentimes, a button down shirt paired with jeans can look boring but with a bib necklace accentuating your look, the whole ensemble will come together perfectly. Wear the bib necklace under the collar for a more sophisticated look.

colorful bib necklace

casual look bib necklace

Printed blouses paired with a bib necklace can be very tricky to pull off. One type of print, however, that goes well with a bold bib necklace is the stripe. A striped shirt, tank top or dress will look so well in contrast with a bold bib necklace.

yellow bib necklace striped shirt

fabric beaded necklace

If you’re well rounded with color contrasting, then this should be an easy one for you: pick a shirt that has a color that contrasts well with the color of your bib necklace. a bib necklace with big, turquoise stones or gems would go very well with a pastel pink top. Other contrasting colors that work well with clothing are blue and orange, blue and yellow, red and green and blue and red.

bubble bib necklace

citrus bib necklace

When wearing a bib necklace, remember to keep your top simple and neutral. If you must wear prints with it, make sure that you choose a print that’s not too bold so as not to confuse the eyes on what to focus on. Also, when pairing your bib necklace with other pieces of jewelry, choose simpler and more discreet pieces to go with it.

citrus bib necklace