What to Wear with a Fluffy Sweater

Now that the temperature is starting to drop and the warm seasons are over, you’re most probably already on the hunt for stylish outfits that will also keep you warm and cozy during chilly days. If you want something that you can wear anytime without having to put too much effort in but still look chic and fashionable during the cold days, why not try a fluffy sweater? Here are some styling ideas you can use when wearing fluffy sweaters:

  • Wear it with leggings or skinny jeans – some fluffy sweaters, especially those that are knit, tend to be very bulky. They can make you look a tad bigger than you really are. To balance out the bulk that you get from your fluffy sweater, make sure to wear bottoms that offer a slim and slender silhouette. Leggings and skinny jeans work best for these but you can also wear tights provided that your sweater is long enough to cover your booty.

skinny jeans and sweater skinny jeans and fluffy sweater

  • Wear light colored or neutral fluffy sweaters – fluffy sweaters are already fun on their own so unless you want to look really young (as in 1st Grader kind of young) keep the colors on your fluffy sweater neutral or light. This lets you achieve a chic and sophisticated look that has a nice air of fun about it. You can make up for colors by wearing fun hues on your pants instead or with your accessories.

light colored fluffy sweater

neutral colored fluffy sweater

  • Mix and match textures – a fluffy sweater has a very interesting texture. Make the most out of this and create a very interesting combination by wearing it with fabrics that have a very different texture. Combing different textures in one outfit can help create depth and dimension. Some fabrics that also have nice textures you can wear with a fluffy sweater are tweed, silk, corduroy, denim and leather.

texture fluffy sweater outfit texture fluffy sweater

  • Use it for layering – as thick as a fluffy sweater might seem, there will still be days when the cold temperature outside is just unbearable. Fluffy sweaters are great for layering because they often have breathable inner linings which keeps you warm but lets enough air in to circulate and prevent you from sweating.

layered fluffy sweater layered sweater

  • Wear it with print – by wear it with print, we mean you can either wear a fluffy sweater that’s got fun prints on it (ideal for when you want a casual outfit for day to day use) or you can wear a fluffy sweater with printed pants.

print fluffy sweater print fluffy sweater outfit