What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

How to wear a pencil skirt and what to wear with a pencil skirt for the trendy  look – the best fashion ideas here!

pencil-skirt-celeb-red carpet
Pencil skirts on celebs

A pencil skirt should be a staple in your closet. This simple yet fabulous skirt can transcend from day to night with just a few tweaks. Here are several tips on how to wear a pencil skirt, so you can rock it wherever, whenever!


Wear a high-waisted pencil skirt with a button-down blouse.

This classic look will make your waist look smaller, especially if you wear it with a cute belt. The complementing looks of a loose blouse with a tight-fitting skirt makes you look more ‘slender,’ by accentuating your curves in a respectable way. To make the look perfect, opt for a tailored button-down top with great shoulder draping.

black pencil skirt with flirty blouse

Pair your pencil skirt with a flirty top

Pencil skirts can sometimes look boring and one-dimensional. Pairing your pencil skirt with a flirty, frilly, and feminine top can soften your entire look. Now, you can wear your over-the-top blouse without looking like a wedding cake.

 pencil skirt with blouse

Go back in time.

The women of the 50’s are usually seen with a pencil skirt and a tailored jacket.Just like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton pencil skirt

Even after 60 years, the look remains to be tasteful. This dapper combination is perfect for special occasions, or if you just want to stand out in the office. Classy black pencil skirt is the fashion must  even now!

If cause you run out of ideas, just buy a pencil skirt dress.

pencil skirt dress

Pair your skirt with a loose, boyfriend top.

Because a pencil skirt embraces your curves, you need to balance it out with a loose-fitting top. The perfect blouse to pair with your pencil skirt is a “boyfriend” top, which is characterized by a slouchy, sometimes unbuttoned look.

Celebrities-Leather -pencil -Skirts-trend

You can roll up the cuffs to complete the corporate chic look. To make your look even more flawless, wear your hair neatly when donning this wardrobe style. Else you’d look like you just came out of work after burning the midnight oil.

pencil skirt with blouse

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr blue pencil skirt


Look like a red-carpet star.

red carpet  pencil skirt look

If you’re going to a formal event, then the wearing a pencil skirt is the safest choice. Although this is the case, you can still take your look to a higher level by pairing your skirt with an ornate top. A beautifully-designed tube top, halter top, or bustier can amplify your sexiness. For sure, you will end up the star of the night with this combination.

leather skirt fashion

A pencil skirt is a classical piece of clothing that goes great with many kinds of tops and blouses.

black pencil skirt outfit

So if you have a pencil skirt in your closet, don’t throw it away! Just mix and match it up and you can achieve a look worthy of the red carpet.

dark pensil skirt outfit

Cute casual attire

pretty pencil skirt

Pinup style

pinup pencil skirt

Office outfit

office attire with pencil skirt

Polka dot pencil skirt

polka dot pencil skirt

Sexy red pencil skirt

sexy red pencil skirt

Casual celebrity style

black pencil skirt celeb style

Business style outfit

business style outfit