What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one of the most universally flattering pieces of clothing any woman can own. If you ask me, I strongly suggest that all women should get themselves at least one pencil skirt for when they want to look extra stylish and chic. lots of women see the pencil skirt as something that you would wear to the office or to more formal places but in reality, the pencil skirt is very versatile. You can wear it with just about anything and create different looks with it. here are some ideas on what you can wear with your pencil skirt:

  • A button down shirt – a button down shirt and a pencil skirt is downright office attire but it’s one of the most popular tops that women love to wear their pencil skirts with. The look you get from this combination is very classy and sophisticated. It’s a good way to pull off a business casual kind of look.  It’s also a great way to look stylish and smart for when you’re dressing up for a job interview. You can also throw in a blazer jacket for an added flare.

business casual business casual outfit

  • Crop tops – for the hipster kind of girl who loves adding a touch of class to any outfit, a pencil skirt can come in handy. Wear your pencil skirt with a nice crop top for a very casual, sexy but also sophisticated kind of look.

crop top and pencil skirt

crop top cropped top

  • A graphic shirt – if you’re looking for a fun and quirky way to dress down a pencil skirt, you can try wearing it with a graphic shirt. If you want to pull off a rock and roll kind of outfit, go for a leather pencil skirt paired with a band shirt. If you want something that’s just fun, any shirt with cute graphics on it would do. It would also help if you could get a pencil skirt in a bright color or funky print / pattern.

graphic shirt and pencil skirt graphic shirt graphic

  • Sweaters – a sweater and a pencil skirt is the best tandem you can have if you want to sport a really fabulous fall outfit. it’s very chic and stylish and at the same time it’s weather-appropriate and very wam and cozy, too. You can wear a chunky sweater and it will balance perfectly with the slim silhouette of the pencil skirt and you can also wear a nice, body fitting sweater to create a more pronounced and sexier silhouette all over.

sweater and pencil skirt sweater