What to Wear with a Pretty White Lace Dress

If there is any one piece of clothing item that you could own that would scream out girly and romantic, it would have to be a white lace dress. Wearing a white lace dress will make you feel very dainty and feminine. It’s one of those dresses that, once you wear it, will make you want to behave at your finest. While wearing a white lace dress can make you look and feel super pretty, creating a whole outfit revolving around it can be quite a task to take on, especially if you’re not really the very girly-girl type.  But, don’t fret just yet! We’ve got you covered because in this post, we’ll show you what you can wear with a pretty white lace dress if you’re not into looking uber femme or if you simply want fresh ideas on how to glam up your white lace dress. So, what to wear with a white lace dress? Read on and find out!

  • Everything else in white – an all white outfit used to be reserved only for Labor Day and after that, the white pieces are stashed away but today, all white is one of the hottest trends to try out, Labor Day or not. In fact, wearing all white for winter is also quickly becoming one of the newest winter trends. Trend setter call it the ‘winter white’ and it’s basically donning on white from head to foot. It’s the perfect excuse to wear your white lace dress this winter, too!

all white all white outfit

  • Soft neutral pieces – if you like the soft look of a white lace dress but you’re afraid that you will not be able to pull off an all-white look (though it’s fairly easy), you can always mix soft neutral colors with your white lace dress to achieve the same soft and girly effect without your outfit looking too romantic. This is also a great idea if you’re not a big fan of creating monochromatic kinds of outfits.

neutrals soft


  • A denim vest or jacket – a white lace dress sometimes tends to look too dressy or too formal for everyday wear. If you’re in love with white lace dresses, though, and wish to wear them as much as you could, even on ordinary days, what you can do is to dress down your white lace dress by wearing a denim jacket or vest with it. Wearing anything in denim is always a great way to dress down a dressy outfit and make it look more casual and suitable for daily outfits.

denim and lace denim

  • Black and white accessories – if you want your white lace dress to look posh, sleek and sophisticated, mix in a few couple of black and white accessories with it. Black and white has been a timeless and classic color combination over the years and has been one of the favorite color combinations of fashion-forward fashionistas all over the world.

black and white black and white outfit

  • Boots – get a country chic kind of look by wearing your white lace dress with cowboy boots. This has been one of Taylor Swift’s cutest looks and a lot of other country singers have also worn the same look to get that girly-country vibe. You can also wear biker boots or ankle boots with your white lace dress for a girly autumn outfit.

boots and white lace dress boots