What to wear with a White Blazer

A white blazer is a piece of clothing item that, I believe, all women should have. It’s very versatile and it never fails to add the chic factor in to any look. A white blazer also instantly makes your whole outfit look cleaner, fresher and just more polished and sleek. Depending on what you wear with a white blazer, you can use it to either dress up or dress down a certain outfit. So what to wear with a white blazer, you ask? Check out our list of outfit ideas below and see how you can rock the ultimate topper this season!

  • Graphic tee – create an outfit that’s cute and casual and a little bit polished at the same time by wearing a graphic tee underneath your white blazer. This outfit is perfect if you want something that’s not too dressy nor too much in to the street style category.

comic bubble graphic tee graphic tee and blazer

  • Boyfriend jeans – for a completely chic street style look, you can wear your white blazer with a pair of cool distressed boyfriend jeans. The sharpness of a tailored blazer coupled with the slouchiness of boyfriend jeans make for the best sleek and edgy street style look.

polished look with boyfriend jeans

  • Shorts – though shorts aren’t exactly ‘professional’ and appropriate for the workplace, you can still make them look like they are by wearing them with a white blazer. For a more casual look, you can opt for denim shorts or other shorts styles but if you want your look to lean more on the polished side, you can get matching shorts and blazer to get that tux feel going.

cute blazer and shorts outfit

  • Neutral outfits – want to maintain the neutral look of your outfit but want to add something to make it look sharper and sleeker? Simply throw on a white blazer on top of your neutral ensemble and you’re good to go! This outfit idea is perfect for the workplace where you want to look chic and fab but can’t wear anything bold and loud enough to make a statement.

neutral colors and white white blazer with neutral colors

  • Printed pieces – if you have pieces of clothing items that have fun, bright and bold prints on them and you want to tone the vibe down a little bit, you can easily do that by adding a plain white blazer on top. Make sure the blazer you use is as plain as can be so that you don’t add any more detail to the already striking printed piece you have on underneath. This can be done with printed tops as well as printed dresses.

print dress and white blazer

  • Little Black Dress – need a way to make that gorgeous little black dress more appropriate for daytime? Take the fancy vibe down a notch and dress it down with a nice white blazer. This outfit can be used if you have a daytime event you need to go to but don’t want to look too fancy for it.

sexy LBD and white blazer

  • Black – an LBD isn’t necessarily just the only black piece you can wear with a white blazer. In fact, anything black underneath a white blazer makes a wonderful combination as it creates strong contrast between the two pieces, making your outfit look more interesting.

fierce black ensemble black and white contrast