What to Wear with an Over-sized Sweater

Now that fall is here and winter is nearly upon us, you’ve probably already gone through some of your clothes, putting away your summer and spring clothes and restocking your fall and winter essentials. Along the way, you may have stumbled upon a few couple of over-sized sweaters. It may look too big and baggy for you but believe me, over-sized sweaters are always awesome for fall and winter. They’re very warm and cozy and with the right things to wear them with, they can also be very stylish and cute. So, if you still haven’t got any idea on what to wear with your over-sized sweater, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Leggings – leggings always go well with any big and baggy top. The slim and sexy silhouette that leggings have is the perfect complement for your over-sized sweater. Aside from making your whole outfit totally stylish and wearable, leggings also provide a little bit of extra warmth for your legs which is perfect especially for the colder seasons.

oversized green sweateroversized sweater and leggings

  • Skinny jeans – when you want something that can keep you a little bit warmer than leggings without taking away the balance from a slim and sexy bottom silhouette, a good pair of skinny jeans should do the trick for you. This combination makes for a more casual outfit and can be worn with either sneakers or boots.

skinny jeans and oversized sweater

skinny jeans and black sweater

  • Skirt – if you want to achieve a more feminine look. Pairing your over-sized sweater with a cute skirt is the perfect option for you. When the cold weather hasn’t started to creep in on you yet, you can wear this combination as it is but as the temperature drops, you might want to consider wearing tights underneath so that you don’t feel too cold when you conquer the outdoors in this pretty and girly outfit,

skirt and oversized sweaterskirt and knit sweater oversized

  • Maxi dress – don’t throw your maxi dresses out on the ‘keep for next year’ pile just yet. Instead, make the most out of it and wear it with an over-sized sweater. This makes for a super cool and dramatic combination as the weight of your sweater is balanced by the lightness of the maxi dress. The movement you get from the maxi dress also adds a beautiful effect to the outfit. Perfect if you want to go modern boho-chic.

maxidress and oversized sweatermaxi dress and oversized sweater

  • Just boots – when  your sweater is big enough to be worn as a dress, all you really have to do is wear it with a great pair of boots. Flat boots make for a gorgeous casual look while boots with taller heels look fabulous and sexy, especially the thigh-high ones.

 boots and oversized sweaterboots and red sweater