What to Wear with Ankle Boots

Out of all the boot cut and styles, ankle boots are the most versatile. You can wear them all year round with ease and they can be worn with just about anything which makes them a great piece to invest on as well as a nice addition to your closet. Ankle boots have different styles. Each style can give you a different look. For example, a pair of flat ankle boots can give your outfit a casual and relaxed vibe and you can use it to dress down a rather formal piece while stiletto ankle boots are great for when you’re wearing a dressier ensemble. Here are some of our suggestions on what to wear with ankle boots:

  • A pair of cute and sexy shorts – a lot of women think summer is the time for flips flops, sneakers and thong sandals and while that may be correct, summer can also be the time for boots. Well, ankle boots at least. This combination has been on the list of fashion no-no’s for quite some time but today it’s one of the most gorgeous trends for summer. Pair your ankle boots with cute and sexy shorts to create a chic and laidback look. Crop tops and tanks would give you an all out summer vibe but tees and regular shirts would work just as well.

shorts shorts and ankle boots

  • Short dresses – the key to successfully pulling off a short-dress-and-boots outfit combination lies in choosing the perfect dress length. What you want to achieve when wearing your ankle boots with a dress is the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. Typically, the shorter your dress is the slimmer and longer your legs would appear. However, since you would be wearing boots, you wouldn’t want to go too short as this can make your whole outfit look cheap or even trashy. Instead, go for dresses that fall mid thigh or just a teeny bit higher.

short dress and ankle boots outfit

short dress and ankle boots short dress

  • Maxi skirts and dresses – a maxi skirt or dress is the perfect thing to wear with ankle boots. If you want to create a romantic fall or winter outfit, simply pair your maxi skirt with nice stiletto ankle boots or  any high heeled ankle boots and you’re all set for a dinner date or an afternoon walk with your man. If you’re looking for something more chic with a little bit of edge, pair your maxi skirt or dress with ankle boots that have a rough and tough look like biker boots. This combination is perfect if you wish to keep wearing maxis during the colder seasons.

maxi and ankle boots maxi

  • Jeans – jeans and boots, no matter what cut, is the ultimate combination for a relaxed casual look. It’s very chic and stylish and the combination of the two never goes out of style. Jeans and boots is another one of those combinations that you can wear all year round. Wearing jeans with ankle boots, though, is more advised and preferred during the summer and spring because once the weather gets colder, high cut boots become more in demand.

jeans and boots jeans jeans and boots outfit