What to Wear with Biker Boots

Now that fall is here and winter is coming up, say goodbye to your Louboutins and Jimmy Choos for a while and hello to comfy biker boots! Yes, biker boots are on trend again. These bad boys are the perfect combination of rugged, chic, and comfortable toughness which is something loved by all the fashionistas like you out there. What’s so cool about biker boots is that they don’t need to look new all the time. In fact, the older and more beat up it is, the better which means you can keep re-using old pairs from previous years. There are lots of things that you can wear with a pair of good ol’ biker boots. We’ve got some ideas for you in case you need inspiration.

  • Shorts for an easy everyday look– shorts and biker boots go like peanut butter and jelly. They’re great together no matter what. Wear your biker boots and shorts with a really cool sweater and make this your signature fall style. It’s super quick and easy to pull off, anyone can do it.

shorts and studded biker boots shorts and cute biker boots

  • Jeans for the perfect casual outfit – go for a casual look with a pair of biker boots and jeans. You can wear any pair of jeans you have but if you want to take the ‘tough chick’ level up a notch, why not wear your biker boots with distressed or even ripped jeans and complete the look with a really cool graphic shirt. You can also dress it up by wearing cute colored jeans and a nice casual top. This is perfect if you want something for regular days and it just might be the best go-to outfit for you this fall.

denim grey and biker boots

jeans ripped and biker boots jeans and biker boots

  • Short girly dress for a tough chick vibe – now this is what we’re talking about! Biker boots and a cute girly dress – the perfect mix of rugged and chic. Pair any of your favorite dresses from spring with beat up biker boots and instantly add that ‘tough chick’ vibe to your look. Go for dresses that fall above the knee or at most 3 to 5 inches below the knee to show off those boots!

dress white and biker boots dress and biker boots

  • Maxi dress for a boho-rocker-chick style – heavy boots like biker boots always go well with maxi dresses or maxi skirts. They add a sort of punk rock feel to a boho-ish outfit which results in a perfectly chic ensemble. You can wear a full maxi dress and let your biker boots peep through as you walk or you can choose to go for a maxi dress with a slightly long slit that will show them off.

 maxi and boots maxi dress and boots maxi dress biker boots