What to Wear with Black Jeans

Jeans are already versatile, no matter what color or wash they come in. With that being said, it would be safe to say that black jeans are the most universal and versatile piece of clothing one can own. With black jeans, you can create different looks and you can also express your style in different ways. If you’ve got a good pair of black jeans and you want to know what to wear with them, here are some styling ideas for you:

  • Create an all black ensemble – An all black ensemble always works for anyone, no matter what your skin color and your body shape / type is.  This look may seem like something that’s very easy to pull off but there’s more to creating an all back ensemble than just pairing black jeans with a black top. You will need to make sure that both top and bottom are in the same shade of black. Otherwise, one might look faded and worn out compared to the other.

all black outfit all black look

  • Appear taller with black boots – wearing you black jeans with black boots can help you a lot if you want to achieve an elongated effect through your clothes. The continuous line from your jeans to your boots make it look  just like one silhouette which gives the illusion of longer legs. This works best with skinny jeans tucked in to boots.

black jeans and boots outfit

black jeans and boots

  • Go from day to night easily – Friday night party right after work? No problem! A pair of black jeans can take you from day to night easily. Just wear your black jeans with your party top and throw on a blazer to make it more appropriate for work and simply remove your blazer at night. This works because black jeans can be both dressy and casual, depending on what you wear with them.

day to night outfit day to night look

  • Black and white – want something really simple and easy? Why not try the classic black and white pairing? Black jeans and white top – what could be easier than that? It’s so easy anyone can pull it off and effortlessly look stylish and chic.

black and white outfitv black and white

  • Casual but polished and refined – no idea what to wear on days when you’re allowed to dress down at work? Simply take your favorite pair of black jeans and pair that with a nice denim shirt. This outfit combination is perfect if you want to dress down rather than dress to the nines but it still looks very stylish, polished and refined.

denim shirt and black jeans denim shirt and jeans