What to Wear with Camo Skinny Jeans

Camo skinny jeans is one of the hottest trends this season but a lot of women walk away from it just because they don’t know what to wear with them. Most women don’t go for camo because they think it’s too rough, rugged and masculine but it’s not always the case when you know what to wear with a good pair of camo skinny jeans. Camo skinny jeans are perfect if you want to create a casual and laidback look with a rough and tough vibe. If you’ve been wondering how you can wear a pair of these super stylish camo skinny jeans, here are some ideas that you can use:

  • Wear it with a light green parka jacket – this is an outfit combination that will give off a strong military style vibe, mainly because of the colors in it, and is perfect if you want that tough chick look on you. it’s also a perfect fall / winter outfit combination as the parka jacket would do well in keeping you warm. The color of your parka jacket will also heighten and bring out the print in your camo skinny jeans.

parka and camo jeans parka and camo

  • Wear it with high heels – so as mentioned earlier, women tend to shy away from cam skinny jeans because they’re afraid that it might be too masculine for their girly / feminine style. While camo skinny jeans do have a rugged look about them, there’s actually tons of ways to create a girly outfit using them. One great, stylish way to make an outfit with camo skinny jeans look less manly and more feminine is to wear sexy high heels with it.

heels and camo jeans

heels and camo

  • Wear it with a black top – black is a color that’s very easy to wear with any other color, pattern or print. Wearing a black top is one of the safest ways to pull off a pair of camo skinny jeans. With this outfit combination, you can never go wrong or commit a fashion faux pas, it’s basically fool-proof! Of course, other neutral colors would work too but black and camo works best.

black and camo black and camo outfit

  • Wear it with denim – one really cool way to pull off wearing camo skinny jeans is to wear it with a denim top. You can choose to wear a denim button down shirt or a chambray button down if you want to create a look that’s more polished and chic or you can wear any top and put on a denim jacket if you want your look to be more casual and cute. Either way, you’re sure to look gorgeous and stunning in you camo skinny jeans and denim top combination.

denim and camo jeans denim and camo

  • Wear boots – get yourself fall or winter ready by wearing boots with your camo skinny jeans. Wearing your camo skinny jeans with boots is ideal if you want to up the ante in creating a look that has ‘tough chick’ written all over it. You can wear beat up biker boots for a full on camo look or some sexy high heeled boots if you want to keep it tough and rough yet sexy and chic.

boots and camo jeans boots and camo