What to Wear With Converse

Converse shoes hold a spot in many women’s heart for fashion because they’re very stylish, comfy and versatile. A lot of people may look at a pair of Converse shoes as nothing more than another pair of footwear but for the fabulous fashionistas, it’s so much more than that. it can be the piece that completes the whole outfit and pulls it all together, it can be a much more casual alternative to trainers, it can be your saving grace when your feet’s too tired and heels just aren’t an option or it can also be something you can use to dress down a dressy ensemble. If you’re looking for what to wear with Converse shoes, here are some ideas for you:

  • Cropped leggings or yoga pants – cropped leggings or yoga pants worn with converse, whether high cut or low cut, makes for a very chic sporty outfit. It’s not a full-on sporty outfit that you can wear to really engage in sports but rather, it’s more ideal for, like, a pre- pr post workout outfit. This outfit combination could also be worn for running quick errands. Wear a tee with your cropped leggings / yoga pants and Converse shoes if you want it to look more casual than sporty or a cute tank top and perhaps a jacket if you’d rather the other way around.

cropped yoga pants and Converse cropped pants and COnverse shoes

  • Jeans – the most popular and most loved way to wear a good old pair of Converse shoes is with jeans. Jeans and Converse shoes is the ultimate pair for achieving a stylish, comfortable casual look. What you wear on top, of course, would depend on the look that you’re going for: a basic tee for a really laidback casual look, a light sweater for something fall-appropriate, a nice tank top for something more cool and sexy.

jeans and converse outfit

Jeans and converse

  • Colored skinny jeans or leggings – if your style is more on the hipster side, a pair of Converse shoes would look really cool with colored leggings or skinny jeans. You can color coordinate by wearing the same color jeans and shoes or you can stick to the basics and wear you colored pants with either black or white Converse shoes.

colored skinny jeans colored skinny jeans and converse

  • Dress – add a fun twist to a nice girly dress by wearing a pair of Converse shoes with it. This style is perfect if you want to wear a really girly dress but wouldn’t want to look over-the-top feminine with it. Converse shoes do great at dressing down a flirty dress. It’s also a nice way to wear you Converse shoes during the summer.

dress and converse dress and converse outfit

  • Shorts – a nice pair of shorts is also another piece that you can pair your Converse shoes with. Shorts and Converse shoes are also very perfect for summer, especially when you wear it with a cute tee or any cute summer-y top.  Denim shorts are ideal if you want a casual look but you can also wear it with leather shorts to add an edgier vibe.

shorts and converse shorts and converse outfit

What’s your favorite way to wear your Converse shoes?