What to Wear with Fashion Tights

Tights used to be made only in plain colors with the sole purpose of being used as hosiery. Today, however, tights come in many colors, prints and patterns. They’re no longer just that sheer material you roll up on your legs when you’re wearing a skirt or a dress but rather they’re now also made thicker to be worn underneath anything and everything. Fashion tights can go anywhere from simple to really fun, wacky and whimsical. Here’s what we think would look good with fashion tights:

  • An all black ensemble – wearing an ensemble in black from head to foot may seem very sleek and sophisticated but it can also be too monochromatic and boring. To liven up an all black ensemble, why not try wearing fashion tights with it rather than the usual, plain, old ordinary tights? Whether it’s your Little Black Dress or just an all black outfit you put together that shows your legs, fashion tights are sure to add texture and an element of fun to it.

all black and tights all black ensemble

  • An oversized sweater – fall and winter are the perfect seasons for wearing those chunky oversized sweaters as dresses. Make your sweater dress outfit cuter by wearing a pair of nice fashion tights to go with it. You can choose to wear colored fashion tights or those fashion tights with prints and designs to add a nice twist to a plain sweater dress.

sweater and tights

sweater dress and tights

  • Outfits with Shorts – whether you’re into K-pop fashion, don’t feel like showing your legs but likes wearing short or you simply like the look of layered shorts and tights, choosing to wear fashion tights instead of plain ones are sure to be more of a fashion hit. This is also a great way to make shorts more wearable during the cold seasons.

shorts and fashion tights shorts and polka tights

  • Dresses – wearing dresses is always a great way to achieve a dainty and feminine look. However, during the colder seasons like fall and winter, dresses can be a little difficult to wear because your legs can get chilly and make you freeze. To make dresses more suitable for winter, wearing fashion tights underneath is a good idea. It not only provides warmth, it also makes your outfit nicer and more chic.

dress and tights outfit dress and tights

  • Miniskirt – there’s nothing more annoying than to see a girl wearing a mini skirt tug down on her skirt every minute because she’s showing more skin than she expected. If you feel like wearing a mini skirt but don’t want to be that girl, wearing fashion tights underneath can help you heaps. Be more confident to step out and move around in a mini by wearing fashion tights underneath to conceal skin.

 mini skirt and tights mini skirt