What to Wear with Graphic Shirts

Graphic shirts are a great way to add fun and quirky detail to your outfit. They have a very easy and relaxed street style vibe which makes them really simple to wear. Graphic shirts often feature awesome caricature designs, statement sentences / catch phrases or just anything really artsy on the front. If you’re looking for a quick, easy peasy item that you can wear when you’re in a hurry, graphic shirts will surely come in handy. There are just so many ways to wear a graphic shirt and I love how a pairing it with different bottoms and accessories can give you a totally new look each time. if you’re curious on how you can rock graphic shirts like a boss, check out this list of ideas on what to wear with a graphic shirt.

  • Boyfriend jeans – for the ultimate combination of style and comfort, you can wear your graphic shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans. This outfit combination is super simple and you can wear it on days when you don’t feel like going too girly with your look. When worn together, these two items can give you a cool street style look that you can wear on a day to day basis. Weather too warm for wearing full jeans? You can sub them with sexy distressed denims instead.

black blazer and graphic shirt stylish graphic shirt outfit

  • Blazer – if you’re looking for a way to sneak your graphic tee in on your work wardrobe, wearing it underneath a nice blazer will definitely do the trick for you. Dress up your graphic shirt and make it workplace friendly (at least for dress down days, that is) by throwing on a structured blazer on top. Avoid wearing anything else too casual to keep your outfit from looking too unpolished for the workplace.

black blazer and graphic shirt

neon lime blazer

  • Pencil skirt – one of the most unexpected yet most gorgeous looks that you can create for a chic street style look can be achieved by pairing your graphic tee with a sexy pencil skirt. The casual and relaxed vibe of the graphic shirt is met by the posh and sleek look of the pencil skirt, creating a beautifully balanced, stylish outfit that is effortlessly cool.

polka dot skirt classy graphic shirt outfit

  • Anything leather – for a more rock and roll kind of look, you can wear your graphic shirt with anything leather. A leather jacket, leather pants or even just leather boots combined with a cool graphic shirt is sure to give you an instant edgy, rocker chick kind of look. If you want to achieve a bolder look with your leather and graphic shirt combo, choose colored leather instead of the usual black or brown one.

leather mini skirt leather jacket and maxi skirt

  • Bright, colored or printed pants – graphic shirts tend to have a more boyish vibe so if you want to keep your outfit looking girly, you can pair it with something fun and feminine at the same time like colored skinny jeans, printed skirt or bright neon shorts. This outfit combination gives you a perfectly balanced outfit with both the tomboyish and girly styles mixed together.

orange skinny jeans