What To Wear With Lace-Up Tops

Lace-up tops has begun to be one of the trendy garments this year, especially during the spring and summer. It’s classic and breezy and kind of gives an added edge. And that solely depends on how you wear them and what you wear with them.

You could opt for the slightly nautical (that isn’t even a few feet near “preppy”, by the way), or you could go for an edgier and sexier route like Kim Kardashian did. And whether you’re the conservative type or the one who dares to bare, you’ve got some choices that’s right up to your alley and speaks to your personal style. Trust me on this. Here’s what you can wear with lace-up tops.

Attention-grabbing in an All-Black – Keep the attention to the lace-up detail itself by wearing a black top, black pants and minimal black accessories in your outfit.

lace-up top and black skinny jeans

Cute in an All-White – This particular one worn by Kate Bosworth is simply worthy of an outfit for a Sunday brunch or barbecue. It’s classy and simple and very cute. It is also great for those who wants to get along with the lace-up trend but don’t want a neckline too plunging.

white lace-up shirt and mini skirt

Alluring in Denim – Hit it up with a sleeveless bodysuit and tuck it underneath a multi-toned denim skirt and a pair of white sneakers and you’ve got yourself an alluring yet very comfortable summer outfit.

lace-up bodysuit and denim skirt and sneakers

Bohemian-inspired with Flared Sleeves – Find a lace-up top that may or may not be, but is much preferably, white with a flared sleeves for a Bohemian-inspired outfit. You could pair it with a skirt that is either dark-colored or bold-printed.

white lace-up top and denim skirt

Funky 70s-inspired with Suede – You could take it in the route back to the 70s and pair your lace-up top with a pair of flared pants and suede anything. This outfit below brings a wave of nostalgia in the modern age.

lace-up top in a 70s inspired outfit

Nautical-inspired in Stripes and with Scarves – Lace-up tops have also been associated with nautical-inspired outfits and you could find lots of these that are in stripes. Tie a short scarf around your neck for an all-out nautical-inspired outfit.

striped lace-up top in nautical inspired outfit

Sexy With A Red Coat – For some reason, wearing a black lace-up top underneath a bright red coat and worn with a pair of black pants gives a sexy look to the outfit. It’s because of the way the bright red color, in contrast of the all black, brings the attention to the top half of your body where the lace-up detail is.

lace-up top and red coat

Edgy With A Leather Jacket – Take a lesson from Vanessa Hudgens and pair that lace-up top with a leather jacket casually hung around your shoulders. The statement glasses also adds to the edgy look.

lace-up top and leather jacket Vanessa Hudgens

Vintage Chic With a Button Front Skirt – This one is almost similar to the Bohemian outfit except we are playing with a black fitted lace-up top here instead of a breezy white. The button front skirt, and even the kimono jacket, in this certain outfit below also adds to the amount of chicness that the outfit needs.

lace-up top and button front skirt

Comfy With Kimono – Another way to dress your lace-up top is to keep it casual and make you look relaxed by slipping on a kimono jacket over it. The kimono is comfortable to wear yet it’s does not dress down the dressiness of your lace-up top.

lace-up top and tribal kimono jacket


Ragged Chic with Boyfriend Jeans – Take the cue from Emily Ratajkowski by tucking in a slim-fit lace-up tops underneath a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans for an extremely gorgeous ragged chic look.lace-up top and boyfriend pants Emily Ratajkowski