What to Wear with Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are super hot and sexy. They’re also awesome because you can wear them all year round. Many women like to wear leather shorts because they look sleek and they add just the right ‘bad girl’ vibe to a good outfit. However, there are still a lot of women who are afraid to wear leather shorts just because they think the item is too sexy or too racy. There are lots of styles and designs for leather shorts. Girly scalloped leather shorts are perfect if you want to create a rather girly look with leather shorts, tight fitting leather shorts are, on the other hand, your best bet if you are going for a daring and sexy vibe. You can get leather shorts in various lengths, too, from skimpy short shorts to a very decent length. It all depends on what you prefer and what you wear it with. Here are some awesome tips on what to wear with leather shorts:

  • A crisp white shirt – this does not only go for leather shorts but for all other kinds of bottoms that are tricky to wear as well. When in doubt of what to wear with your leather shorts, just wear a crisp and clean white shirt. You can never go wrong with this combination and it’s perfect if you’re going for a minimalistic approach to your fashion style. Go for a T-shirt if you want to achieve a casual look or a button down shirt for a more posh outfit.

white shirt white shirt and leather shorts

  • A cute blazer – if you ever wondered how you can wear your leather shorts to work on dress down days without looking too casual and street-style inspired, the answer is to simply wear it with a nice top and add a blazer as a finishing touch. The blazer adds great polish to your outfit which makes wearing leather shorts at the work place very forgiving. Remember to keep the length of your leather shorts in mind, though, so that you won’t end up being the center of attention in the wrong way.


blazer and leather shorts

  • A lacey top – if you think that leather shorts would look too manly on you, the key to avoiding that from happening is to balance it out with soft, delicate and girly fabrics on top. Wear a top made from materials that evoke a girly and romantic vibe such as lace. The combination of both makes a great balanced ensemble.

lace lace and leather shorts

  • A leather jacket – now, if you want to go all out on the tough chick kind of look with your leather shorts, then complete the gear and wear a leather jacket with it. You can DIY both your leather jacket and your leather shorts and add studs and spikes to them to make your outfit look even edgier. Complete the look with a pair of leather boots or sexy stilettos and you’re all set.

leather leather on leather

  • A denim top / jacket – leather shorts can look casual too and can be worn with street style inspired outfits. To make it work, you’ll have to pair your leather shorts with something that conveys the casual style with ease such as a denim top or a denim jacket. Chambray works, too, if you want a fabric softer than denim but has denim’s casual vibe.


denim denim and leather