What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes

Adding print is one way to make an outfit look even more stylish and leopard print is one of the hottest print trends this winter. Leopard print is one of the more popular styles out of all the animal prints that you’ll find in the fashion scene. You can wear leopard print coats, dresses or skirts but if that seems like too much leopard to you, you can always introduce the leopard print on your outfit through accessories and the best way to do that is by wearing leopard print shoes. Leopard prints shoes are always a nice addition to any outfit. it can make a casual outfit look more exciting and can add a hint of sexiness in dressy ensembles. Here are some tips on what to wear with leopard print shoes:

  • Black and leopard print shoes – black is one of the most universal colors which is why women tend to stock up on basic clothing items in black next to other neutral colors. Wearing an all black ensemble is a real classic. It’s something that’s very easy to create and something that almost any lady can pull off. However, donning black on from head to toe also tends to look boring. To avoid this, why not play a little with your outfit and go wild by wearing a pair of sexy leopard print shoes? This will make your all black outfit a whole lot more interesting.

black and leopard black black and leopard print

  • Soft and light neutrals with leopard print shoes – next to black, the most obvious choice to wear with leopard print shoes would be light and soft neutrals like cream, beige or khaki. Of course, other soft neutrals like blush, white or off white will also work well with leopard print shoes but what makes the combination of leopard print shoes and soft browns work like magic is the fact that these are usually the dominant colors in leopard prints. Choose a soft neutral that matches the lighter color on your leopard shoes if you’re going for something really cohesive.

soft neutrals soft neutrals and leopard shoes

  • Bright colors and leopard print shoes – leopard print shoes have very neutral colors on them: black and a soft hue of brown. If you’re looking for a way to spice this color combination up, what you can do is to wear your leopard print shoes with bright colors like red, orange, pink, yellow or even neons. Red, especially, will not only make your leopard print shoes look more vibrant. It also makes it look sexier. A red dress, shirt or pants are all great choices but you can also go for shoes with the combination of leopard print and red – something very reminiscent of Louboutin shoes.

bright colors and leopard bright colors bright colors and leopard shoes

  • Jeans and leopard print shoes – unless you’re wearing leopard print loafers, you know that the leopard print on shoes makes for a very sexy and seductive look which would ideally go very nicely with formal ensembles or dressier pieces. However, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear leopard print shoes with casual outfits because you can certainly do so! All you need to do is to wear your leopard shoes with jeans.

jeans and leopard print shoes jeans