What to Wear with Long Skirts

It was the time when the bohemian vibe started to make its way again in the runway a few years ago when short and mini skirts have been overshadowed by the longer ones. Aside from being comfortable and breezy, this new fashion staple is chic and flattering to any body shapes. Also, long skirts are versatile and can be worn to any occasions.

The key here is to know the right long skirt for the right time and the right shape. To start, here are  helpful tips and guidelines on wearing long skirts stylishly.

  • Wear it with a crop top – Crop tops and long skirts are an ideal contrasting combination. While crop tops exudes allure and offers a show of midriff skin, long skirts keep the attention upwards and adds a classy feminine touch to the outfit. You can wear the long skirt low to your waist or high up and either way, you’ll look gorgeous.

long skirt crop top


long skirt and crop top

  • Wear it with a tunic – It may look like you’re from your home but actually, it’s better if you don’t insert the tunic underneath the long skirt. We don’t want to waste a clothing with such wonderful silhouette hidden. Instead, opt to let it hang loose over the long skirt. For this, it is preferable to match either a fit or loose tunic with a loose long skirt rather than a fitted long pencil skirt.

long skirt and tunic


long skirt horizontal

  • Wear it with peplum – Wearing a pencil skirt and a peplum top defines your curves. This will be great for those ladies with straight body type who have the least defined curves among all the different body shapes. Of course, you can also try wearing a fitted top and a fitted peplum skirt.

Olivia Palermo at Maison Margiela SS2015


long skirt peplum

  • Wear it with a belt – The belt can highlight your waist area and this tiny little detail can do wonders. For instance, if you have a longer body than legs, you can try wearing both top and bottom loose and cinch the belt a few inches above your actual waist. Those with shorter body than legs can do the opposite and cinch their belt a few inches below your actual waist.

long skirt tunic


long skirt belted

  • Wear it with a bikini top – This is a stylish and classy way of parading around the sandy beach and being alluring with your sexy bikini top at the same time. And let’s just say that a lot of people are doing it!

long skirt bikini top


long skirt and bikini

  • No gathered skirts – This one must be jotted down by those who are conscious of their tummy and the curvy ladies. Gathered skirts will just do worse and let the attention veer towards your tummy. Choose for a long skirt with a smooth flow from the waistline to the hem, instead.

smooth long maxi skirt

smooth long skirt

  • Neutral and basic colors – You can do so many things with the neutrals and the basics For one thing, they’re a good thing to pair with anything that’s bold printed. Whether the long skirt is the one printed or the top.

long skirt bold top


bold long skirt

  • The Dress Illusion – Another thing you can do to a neutral or basic top, one that is fitted, is to pair it to an a-line or ball skirt to make it look like a two-toned dress. It’s feminine and classy and absolutely chic.

Jessica Alba Hits the streets of New York for a fashion show


long skirt dress like