What to Wear with Military Jackets for Women

If you’re planning on making a splurge and investing on a piece of clothing item, make sure you spend your money on a good military jacket. It could just be your wardrobe superhero, if you know how to mix and match it with your existing clothes. The military jacket may have a very strong and sophisticated feel to it but as you pair it with different clothing items you’ll find that military jackets for women are actually very versatile. Here are a few suggestions on what you can wear with military jackets:

  • An all white dress or ensemble – Remember that really chic dress you once wore for summer during the ‘party of the season’? or how about that all white ensemble you bought especially for that time when you, at last, were able to join that really sophisticated surprise French picnic, Diner En Blanc? Do you think you’ll even be able to wear those again on a regular day without looking overdressed? Well, the answer is YES! You can pair these items with a military jacket to dress down and you can start wearing them again, any day.

military jacket and whites

military jacket with dress


  • A dress – If you want to achieve a mix of chic, sharp and sophisticated all on the same time, try wearing a dress with a military jacket. The softness of the dress is balanced by the structure of the military jacket thus giving you nothing but an overall look of sophistication.

dress and military jacket

white dress military jacket

  • Denim shorts – denim shorts paired with military jackets give off a casual, street style. This is an ideal combination for those days when you don’ really feel like dressing up or for when you just want to hang out outdoors with your friends.

military jacket and denim shorts

military jacket street style

  • Leather shorts – There’s nothing sexier than a man in uniform is what they say but what about a woman in military jacket and leather shorts? This combination is sure to make you look like a smoking hot vixen. Complete your sizzling look by wearing heels or thigh high boots.

military jacket and leather shorts

military jacket and shorts

  • Fall essentials – Military jackets for women can be considered a must, especially for fall. And because the military jacket is so versatile, you can just pair them with all of your other fall outfits and essentials like a sweater, a scarf and boots.

casual fall military jacket

military jacket for fall

So you see, military jackets aren’t only for men, women can rock them and look good in them just as well.

military rock outfit military style military beach outfit