What To Wear With Oversized Shirt Except Leggings

Every one of us probably has one in our wardrobes: an oversized tee that could have been for a man. We get them as freebies in a fun run or on an organization’s event. Basically, they are thrown to the depths of our closet and are only remembered during spring cleaning or whenever we needed an alternative overalls.

Girls channeling grunge or punk fashion deliberately have them in their wardrobes. The slouchiness and bagginess of the garment are taken advantage. And every once in a while, we are simply not in the mood to look glamorous, especially when it’s for an everyday outfit. And for a long time now, oversized shirts have always been paired with leggings or skinny jeans. But the thing is there are a number of ways for you to wear oversized shirts and still look stylish.

Here are what you want to wear with oversized shirt other than the standard leggings or skinny jeans.

  1. With Knee High Socks – This is an easy way to look preppy with this slouchy and baggy garment. It solely depends on you whether you want to wear something underneath it but if you do make sure that it’s short enough or else the effect of the shirt and the knee high socks would be for naught.
    oversized shirt and knee high socks with mesh charli xcx
    oversized shirt and knee high socks
  2. With Boots – Wearing a pair of boots with an oversized shirt has nearly the similar effect as knee high socks. The difference is that where knee high socks has a slimming effect and makes your legs look longer, you have to take into consideration what kind of boots you’re wearing. For bulky ones, go for calf-length or ankle boots. For fitting ones, go for knee high or over-the-knee.
    oversized shirt and boots
    oversized shirt and mini skirt and boots
  3. With Mini Skirt – You actually have two options with the oversized shirt when pairing it to a mini skirt. Either you tuck the shirt in or you don’t. Personally, I like it more when it’s tucked in. There’s a wonderful contrast to a balloon-y top and a fit bottom.
    oversized shirt and mini skirt and pumps
    oversized shirt and mini skirt
  4. With Stockings – Let me get one thing straight here: stockings does not usually have the similar effect as knee high socks and that has to do with its translucence. Stockings really only let’s the skin on your bottom half be less exposed when wearing oversized shirt like a dress. A plus is that it gives an edginess to it.
    oversized shirt and sheer tights and boots cara delevingne
    oversized shirt and stockings
  5. With Shorts – Shorts have a similar effect as mini skirts when pairing it to oversized shirt. Only that with shorts, it gives a more relaxed and casual look whereas the mini skirt is wearable for the office or any formal event.
    oversized shirt and short pants
    oversized shirt and shorts
  6. With a Pair of Loose pants – You usually pair your oversized shirt with a skinny jeans, right? And because of that, you might think that loose pants is not an ideal bottom to pair it with. The thing is, you can. My advice on doing so successfully is to take measure on keeping the bagginess of your outfit in line: cuff the hem of the pants, tuck the shirt in…these can reduce the overall slouchiness.
    oversized shirt tucked and loose pants
    oversized shirt and cuffed pants
  7. With a Belt – A very easy way to make a makeshift dress with oversized skirt is by cinching a belt. You can also take advantage of the belt by putting it around either above your waist or below your hips. It can either make your legs or torso longer.
    belted oversized shirt
    belted oversized shirt and heels