What to Wear with Polka Dot Prints?

Polka dot prints are quickly becoming the hottest trend for fall / winter this year so if you do some shopping to revamp your wardrobe, don’t forget to buy stuff in this cutesy little print. You’ll find that as early as now, stores are starting to sell everything in polka dots starting from tank tops, tshirts, sweaters, scarves, dresses to pants, leggings, and some even have polka dotted shoes.

While having those cute little dots on you is trendy, deciding what to wear with it can be a little difficult. Of course solid colors are an obvious choice but other than that, what else can you wear with polka dot prints? Here are some suggestions you might want to give a try:

  • The basics and the neutrals – okay, so here’s the deal: not everyone can pull off the mixed prints trend. It’s simply too bold for the shy ones to handle. So, if you’re one of those who are not ready to join the mixed prints bandwagon yet, wear your polka dotted pieces with basic pieces in neutral colors like black, beige, tan and white.

classic polka dotspolka with solid color

  • Polka dots on polka dots – it’s just like the denim on denim trend except that with this pairing, you will want to have your top piece and bottom piece in different colors. Also, mixing and matching different polka dot sizes will help. This combination is perfect if you want to achieve a fun, playful and youthful look.

polkadot on polkadot

polka on polka

  • Polka dots and stripes – this combination seems a little tricky to do but here’s the secret to it: big stripes, small dots; big dots, small stripes. It’s all about balancing the prints. When doing this combination, keep your accessories to a minimum as  you already have a lot going on on your clothes.

polka and stripespolkastripes

  • Polka dots and floral prints – it may seem like a rather odd combination but surprisingly, polka dots and florals go very well with each other. It’s a fun and loud combination but at the same time still has ‘chic’ written all over it.

polkafloralpolkadots and floral leggings

polka dot skirt

  • Polka dot dress and a coat – sometimes when you’re wearing one print design all over as in a dress, it tends to look a little too ‘in your face’. If you think that you polka dot dress is too much of a statement, you don’t have to totally ditch the outfit. instead, you can tame it down by wearing a jacket or a coat over it.

polka dot and jacketpolka coat