What to Wear with Washed Out Jeans

Washed out jeans are basically pair of jeans that are very light in color. These are the lighter counterparts of the traditional blue jeans. Washed out jeans can be either completely or partially washed out with the latter resulting to unequal colors throughout the whole fabric.Washed out jeans can be a little tricky to wear because unlike dark wash jeans, they don’t flatter all body types and shapes. Women who have slimmer and more slender legs are lucky because they can get away with wearing just about any jean wash, including light or washed out ones. If you’ve got a pair of washed out jeans but have no idea what to wear it with, here are some tips for you:

  • Wear it with white – an all white ensemble may seem very light and airy but it can also be too dressy and formal. If you want to rock an all white ensemble without looking too dressy, you can dress it down by wearing washed out jeans instead. This is perfect for summer when wearing light colors, especially white, are very much on trend.

white and washed out jeans white and washe out pants

  • Wear it with bright colors – wearing bright colors against washed out jeans will really help make the colors pop. If you’re feeling a little playful and you want an outfit that’s fun and stylish, a bright top paired with washed out jeans is the best way to go! This is a perfect day time outfit idea for lazy days.

bright top and washed out jeans

bright colors and washed out

  • Wear it with prints – washed out jeans are less restrictive when it comes to wearing with prints. Because of its laidback and relaxed look, washed out jeans  are easier to wear with prints compared to the classic blues and dark wash kinds. You can go anywhere from small and subtle prints to big and bold ones without any problem with washed out jeans.

prints and washed out jeans print and washed out jeans

  • Wear it with neutrals – if you want to go for a classic look wearing your washed out jeans, you can try wearing it with neutral colors like white, black gray and different shades of brown including beige, tan and ecru. The result of wearing neutrals with washed out jeans is a very casual and classy look that can be a safe go-to outfit for any day.

neutral colors and washed out jeans neutral colors and washed out jeans look

  • Wear it with pastels – for a more dainty and girly look, you can wear washed out jeans with pastel colors. This look can be very feminine and youthful and is perfect for spring time. You can also wear printed pastels with washed out jeans.

pastel and washed out jeans pastel and washed out jeans outfit