What to Wear with White Pants

White pants are super chic and stylish but wearing them and keeping them clean and crisp all day can be a bit of a challenge. White pants are super versatile. They’re sure to go well with anything and everything in your wardrobe. It’s the perfect thing to wear if you have a top that’s bold and loud with colors and prints as it will surely make it pop. it’s also great if you want to pull off the minimalist fashion trend. Check out these outfit ideas on what to wear with white pants.

  • Chambray shirt – this outfit combination is simple but it’s fool-proof and it’s very easy to pull off as well. it’s perfect for casual wear or if you want to achieve a polished street style look. It has a crisp, summery feel to it but it sure will fit well into your spring wardrobe just as well.

white pants and chambray shirt cropped chambray shirt

  • Crop top – crop tops tend to always give you a casual / street style kind of look but if you want to look posh and elegant, simply pair it with white pants and see how the latter can instantly transform your crop top into a sexy but classy piece.

sassy white crop top

  • Black – the combination of black and white is such a classic and timeless one and if you’re unsure about what to wear with white pants, anything black is always a great go-to piece to match your white pants with. Black and white gives off a sleek and chic look that anyone can surely use every now and then.

black and white street style look

  • Bright colors – a great way to make a chic statement with white pants is to pair it with bright colors like red, teal, yellow and the like. White makes the bright color that’s paired with it pop and really stand out and it makes the color look more vibrant and intense. For a springtime appropriate look, try wearing your white pants with neon colors.

neon hot pink top

  • White – white monochromatic outfits always look sophisticated and elegant. To keep your white monochromatic outfit from looking boring, play with textures. Mix and match different kinds of fabric to get an interesting texture combo that will keep your monochromatic outfit interesting.

whtie on white outfit

  • Neutrals – if you want to get in on the minimalist fashion trend, a pair of white pants is the perfect piece to get started with. Simply pair your white pants with a few neutral pieces to create a simple and fuss free look that is the minimalistic style.

minimalist fashion trend

  • Prints – another way to create a fashion statement with white pants is to wear them with pieces that feature chic / interesting prints or patterns. White makes such a great backdrop for showcasing amazing prints and patterns so they really stand out and shine.

polka dots and white pants

  • Lace – if you want to go with a full on feminine look, try wearing your white pants with a lacy top. it’s a romantic outfit combination that you can wear to a daytime date with your man or to an outdoor spring / summer wedding. You can also wear this on days when you simply want to feel dainty and girly.

lace and white pants outfit white and lace