When and Where to Wear a Strapless Maxi Dress

A strapless maxi dress is very sexy and chic. You can wear it any time at any given day if you want something that will make you look effortlessly chic and cute. A lot of women think that a strapless maxi dress can only be worn on the beach but the truth is that a strapless maxi dress is just as versatile as a plain T shirt that can be worn anytime, anywhere. With the right accessories, a strapless maxi dress can take you from a casual day at the park to a glitzy glamorous date at night. Here are some tips on how to dress up and accessorize a strapless maxi dress:

  • During summer – summer is the best time to wear a maxi dress because it’s very light which means you won’t be sweating loads when you wear them. A lot of women like to wear strapless maxi dresses for this reason but also because it makes them look very chic and feminine.

beach casual

  • To the beach – going to the beach? Why not wear a strapless maxi dress? You can wear your bikini / swimsuit underneath and once you hit the beach, all you have to do is take your strapless maxi dress off. Saves you the hassle of having to look for a booth to change in. Your strapless maxi dress can also double as your cover-up. Talk about efficiency!



  • Casual day out – if you’re planning on spending a hot, lazy afternoon out, wear a strapless dress to keep you cool. It’s a great way to beat the heat and look stylish at the same time. wear flat footwear like flat, strappy sandals or ballerina flats with your strapless maxi dress and carry a cute sling bag around to complete your look.

dressing up gypsy style

  • On a cruise – a cruise is a very nice experience and a lot of women get giddy when packing for one. If you ever go on a cruise, especially to the Caribbean, do not forget to pack a strapless maxi dress. it will surely come in handy when you want to just lounge around the deck while enjoying the view in style.


  • On a date – it’s important to look good when going out on a date but sometimes, we tend to get overdressed. If you’re going out on a casual date like a lunch date or if you’re meeting someone for a cup of coffee in the afternoon, a simple maxi dress would be perfect.

picnic semi formal outfit

  • For dressing up gypsy style – want to channel a cool gypsy vibe to your outfit? simply wear  a strapless maxi dress and pair it with fancy gypsy style accessories to complete your look. you can also use your strapless maxi dress to create a Boho chic look.


  • To the mall – a strapless maxi dress is perfect if you’re taking a trip to the mall, especially if you’re planning on shopping for clothes. What makes a strapless maxi dress an ideal shopping outfit is the ease of wearing it and taking it off. You can literally slip in and out of a strapless which is convenient if you’ll be trying on clothes.