When Is It Okay to Wear Leggings as Pants

We’ve heard it countless times before, whether as a snide remark or a friendly reminder: leggings are not pants. And yes, there is a whole lot of truth to that statement. Indeed, leggings are not pants but neither are they tights. They’re like a common ground between the two. However, there are certain outfits that you can wear that would make it okay to wear leggings as pants. Here are some ways  you can wear those ever comfortable leggings as pants:

  • When you’re at home – during a lazy day when you just want to stay home, lounge around, watch the telly or sit in front of the computer, it’s okay to wear leggings as pants. As a matter of fact, they make a great and snug replacement for yoga pants. It doesn’t matter what you wear on top, you’re at home so relax and wear whatever.

wearing leggings at homeleggings at home

  • When they’re printed – now this may sound like a lame excuse to wear leggings as pants but go ahead, try a printed pair on and tell me you wouldn’t want to go out there and strut them on the streets. Printed leggings are all the rage these days. Make sure to get a print that flatters your legs.

printed crop leggings

tie dye printed leggings

  • When you’re wearing a long top – leggings are okay to wear outside the house as long as you wear a long top. Long enough to get your behind covered because no matter how hard you try and whatever magical underwear you put on, sometimes bad luck just decides to pop in and make that unwanted trace of your undies on a tight pair of bottoms.

long button down and leggingslong shirt and blazer with leggings

  • When they’re jeggings – this has got to be the coolest hybrid in all of the fashion multiverses just yet. Just imagine wearing something as comfortable as leggings and as stylish as jeans. Now you’ll never have to worry about people throwing you odd looks anymore because they’ll never know you’re wearing leggings.

dark gap jeggingsbrown jeggings

  • When they’re thick enough to be worn as pants – one of the biggest things that really bug people when you wear leggings as pants is when you wear thin and sheer leggings. Try wearing leggings made out of thicker fabric instead when you want to wear them as pants so they don’t attract too much negative attention.

cotton leggingsblue leggings

Being stylish and fashionable is all about being comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to carry what you wear. If you know that leggings look good on you, go ahead and wear them and don’t let other people tell you otherwise but do keep our simple tips above in mind.

leggings as pants