Chic Winter Accessories You Should Have

Now that winter is just right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your closet to make sure that your clothes and accessories are going to keep you warm while you’re out and about on a cold winter’s day and while you’re on it, make sure that you have both clothes and accessories ready. Accessories can make or break your look, you already know that by now, so having the right ones to go with your outfits is important. Aside from being there for aesthetic purposes, though, some accessories are functional, too. Here are some chic winter accessories that you should have this season to keep you looking fab and feeling comfy.

  • CHUNKY SCARF – because fall is in full effect and winter is just right around the corner, having a cute and chunky scarf to keep you warm while you’re outdoors is important. If your style leans more towards the simple, minimalistic side, go for one in  a solid color but with at least a little bit of eye catching design details on it to keep it interesting.  If you’re up for something bolder, I would suggest something with some print or pattern on it instead.

chic gray chunky sweater chunky braid knit scarf red chunky scarf

  • GLOVES – crazy as it may sound, gloves are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends again and if you’re someone who gets cold pretty quickly, this just might be what you need to keep yourself warm. Slip on a pair of knitted gloves if you just want something comfy for everyday use. If you need something fancier to go with your dressy outfits, pick out something more posh like velvet ones or even a leather pair.

black long gloves matching knit gloves and beanie animal print gloves gorgeous long gloves

  • HAT – protecting your hair from the harsh outdoor elements doesn’t stop In summer, you know. Keeping your hair safe from stuff like the sun and pollution is just as important in winter as it is in summer. A hat will keep your head and your hair warm (extreme cold can make your hair brittle). Worried about how to wear your hair with a hat on? Check out these hairstyles that will look great under a hat.

gray beanie outfit leather baseball hat black boots outfit cute black hat

  • BOOTS – boots are the most ideal and most practical shoes to wear for fall and winter because they keep your feet and your legs warm. Thigh high boots are a hot trend right now but these take some getting used to since they can restrict movement on your legs because of the cut. Ankle boots are always a safe bet or you can also try going for knee high boots if you’re more of a high cut boots kind of gal.

black boots outfit purple hunter boots winter lace up boots

  • BRIGHT AND COLORFUL JEWELRY – because winter fashion is abundant with deep, dark hues, it’s important to have something bright and colorful to lighten your look up and keep it from looking boring and drab. Pick out colorful jewelry to wear with dark clothes. These are sure to pop against those dark winter colors and lend a more cheerful vibe to your look.

colorful jewelry cute and colorful necklace