Winter Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Attending a winter wedding soon? Unless you’re part of the entourage, figuring out what to wear can be a little tricky. You’ll need to create an outfit that’s both comfy and chic and don’t even think about going in an all black ensemble because that would just be 1) boring and 2) offensive to some. So, what are you wearing to this event? Well, that depends on your style, really, and how much tolerance you have for the cold but here are some winter wedding guest outfit ideas to help you decide.

  • HOPELESS ROMANTIC – weddings are a celebration of love and are very romantic so why not wear something soft, feminine and romantic as well? Some weddings call for formal wear so this is your chance to put that gorgeous evening dress to good use. If it’s a little less formal, though, you can wear anything and just pick out pieces with romantic details like lace and pearls and soft hues.

romantic outfit inspiration romantic outfit romantic style

romantic winter wedding outfit

  • RETRO GLAM DIVA – whether it’s a retro themed wedding or you just really want to stay true to your retro style, doing a retro glam diva look for a winter wedding is fun. Think sequins and fun colors and fur accents. This look is perfect if you’re attending a wedding that will last until the night. If it’s a daytime wedding, you can achieve the look by opting for short skirts (layering with tights would be ideal) and pieces with boxy structure.

retro boxy outfit retro glam outfit retro mod glam

  • SOPHISTICATED STYLISTA – if posh and classy is more of your style and you want that to shine through, you can always bring on your A-game and do a sophisticated winter wedding guest look. Forget about the Little Black Dress and think of something along the lines of what you would wear to a red carpet event (or what you favorite style icons have worn on red carpet events they’ve gone to). This is a great look to go for if you’re going to your fashionista friend’s wedding.

sophisticated look sophisticated outfit sophisticated stylista outfit

  • ROYAL HIGHNESS – still haven’t found inspiration on what to wear to that winter wedding yet? How about getting inspiration from no other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself? You often see Kate Middleton sporting looks that anyone could wear for a nice winter wedding (or any other fancy winter event, for that matter). Put on a dress and throw on a coat on top. Finish off the outfit with heels and perhaps a fascinator or a stylish hat and you’re good to go.

kate middleton outfit kate middleton in green kate middleton