Winter Wedding Guest Outfit Tips

It can be tricky to dress up for a winter wedding. Unlike dressing up for weddings during warmer seasons where all you have to worry about is style, winter wedding also requires comfort and warmth. All that while keeping in mind that you have to look fabulous enough to stand out from the crowd of guests but not too fab to steal attention from the bride. Don’t let this discourage you from wanting to show up fashionable for a wedding, though. We’ve got some tips and ideas that might just help you look stylish as a guest for any winter wedding.

  • Avoid black and white – unless the invite says so, try to avoid wearing black or white to a winter wedding. It’s so easy to gravitate to black during the winter but others find it offensive to wear black to a wedding because this color is usually intended for funerals. Mean while, wearing white may give off the impression of you wanting to steal the spotlight from the bride.

color outfit color

  • Consider taking a coat – because it’s winter, the temperature is expected to drop. Consider taking a coat with you to keep you warm. This is also a good idea if you’ve got nothing warm and cozy to wear. Simply take whatever decent wedding guest outfit you have and throw on a coat over it. You don’t always have to spend and splurge, you know.

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  • A dressy blouse and slacks – if you’re not playing a major part in the ceremony, don’t feel obliged to wear a dress. if you’re more comfortable in wearing a blouse and slacks, go ahead and do so. Besides, you’ll have more options if you choose to wear a blouse and pants outfit. pick something nice like a silk blouse and  a pair of well fitting pants. Do not wear jeans.

blouse blouse and slacks

  • Skirt suits are great alternatives to dresses – if you aren’t able to find a dress that’s stylish, functional and comfortable for a winter wedding, you can always go for a skirt suite. It’s perfect for formal wedding set ups, especially church weddings. You can choose to have it done for you with all the exact measurements but if you’re in a rush, you’ll always find good ones in malls and boutiques.

skirt suit outfit skirt suit

  • Nothing too sexy – yes, we know you’ve got a sizzling hot bod but weddings are just not the perfect venue for showing it off. When picking a dress to wear as a guest to a winter wedding, try to pick one that doesn’t show too much skin. After all, it’s a winter wedding. You wouldn’t wanna get cold now, would you?

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