Year-Round Fashion Staples to Always Have in Check

As a girl, one of the things we enjoy is dressing up and looking all glammed up all the time. As the season change, our taste in fashion changes and our wardrobe is tweaked to fit both. There are some things, though, that never seem to leave the closet and those are the things that you can wear anytime, any day, no matter what the season is. For clothes, these are often the pieces that you can either wear on their own or use as a layering piece and for accessories these are the ones that serve a purpose or go with any look you can come up with. Here are some year-round fashion staples to always have in check.

  • A plain shirt – a plain shirt is the perfect lazy day outfit. Wear it with your most flattering pair of jeans and you have yourself a quick outfit that’s still guaranteed to make you look good. You can also dress it up with some accessories and perhaps even a pair of heels or you can layer it up with fall / winter essentials when the temps start to drop.

plain gray shirt plain white shirt

  • Tailored blazer – if you’re looking for a way to polish up a rather shabby street style look, simply throwing on a tailored blazer on top will get the job done for you. It’s also something that you can wear to take your office outfits up a notch. If you’re wearing something more casual, wearing a blazer on top will also give it a more polished look.

cobalt blue blazer

white tailored blazer

  • Leather bag – leather is usually something that you wear during colder seasons but you can definitely use a leather bag any time of the year. In fact, if you’re looking for a bag that you can wear with your everyday looks, I would recommend a leather bag. It adds much sophistication to the outfit plus it’s really sturdy, too so you can trust in it to carry all your everyday essentials with ease.

black leather bag large leather bag for everyday use

  • Sunglasses – if you still haven’t found that one style of sunglasses that looks really good on you, it’s time to start looking now. Some people think sunglasses are only to be used during summer when the sun is glaring down so hard on us but the truth is that it should be worn all year long and that is regardless of whether or not you can see the sun because even if it’s behind the clouds, it still emits UV rays that can harm the skin and the eyes.

fall winter sunglasses spring summer sunglasses

  • LBD – another all year round must have that you should always have in closet is the LBD. If you’re truly looking for one that’s going to be versatile and one that you can use all year round, I would suggest going for one with a simple silhouette and with little to no design, ornaments or embellishments. This will make it easy for you to accessorize and style it up depending on the season and the occasion.

simple basic lbd understated lbd miranda kerr

  • Jeans – jeans are known to be summer’s staple bottoms but that doesn’t mean it’s for summer alone. Jeans are perfect all year round. You can wear them with just about anything and everything in your closet. Because of its versatility, it makes a great go-to bottom piece for any outfit. Make sure to look for a cut / style that flatters your figure.

distressed jeans outfit denim on denim outfit

  • Black heels – whether they’re platforms, pumps, stilettos or whatnot, having at least one pair of heels in black is a must. This is the piece that will give any outfit a touch of class and sophistication. Wear it to dress up shorts and jeans or to complement a gorgeous dress, with leggings or with tights or with anything else you like.

sexy black heels simple black heels outfit