Your Ultimate Guide To Airport Style

Let’s all admit it, there is always, at the very least, a tiny little wanderlust inside all of us. Travelling is such a wonderful thing that we all aspire to do at some point in our lives. However, passing through airports and their tedious security checks are one of the very few least pleasing endeavors that we have to face whenever we travel.

Airports have this thing that drains our energies and makes us look distressed and tired out. But there is this one group of people who seem totally unfazed by this annoying “magic” that airports have–celebrities. We envy and are perplexed at how A-listers could travel all around the world and still look fresh-faced and put together. But worry not, fellow mere mortals, for we have broken down the celebrities mouthwatering travel outfits to find out the secrets to pulling off a perfect airport style for yourselves. Here is your ultimate guide to airport style.

casual airport style

A basic outline on the direction every great airport style outfit takes? Keep it simple. That’s the general guide or tip that you really need to take note of if you want to pull off a fashionable airport style look. It is the foundation that you need. Airports are one of the very few places where wearing trendy, attention-grabbing clothes will not work out on your favor. Wearing such pieces will only make you look too tacky in the midst of a regular airport crowd. Even Lady Gaga thinks so.

lady gaga airport style simple airport style

Going deeper from that one basic outline, you’ve got a few other things that you want to consider when putting together an airport style outfit. One of these is choosing the right colors. The right colors for your airport style outfit would really depend on the place and season/weather of where you are. But dark colors are year-round and more commonly worn. Monochromatic outfits are more often seen in celebrities at airports as monochromatic attires are pretty simple yet it also has a potential to be sophisticated.

monochromatic airport look black and white airport look

You can also rely on neutral shades such as black, white and nudes because you’ll be guaranteed that they will be able to put together a good airport style outfits.

neutral airport style off duty neutral airport style

Another thing that you want to remember is that wearing stilettos or any high heels is a big no-no. For one thing, airport floors are often slippery and you don’t want an embarrassing slipping accident to happen. And these shoes are just not comfortable shoes that you want to wear when travelling. Opting for flats is a practical choice. But if you really want to boost your height, go for low-heeled sandals such as those that have kitten heels and block heels.

flats airport style block heels airport style

Sneakers are also a great comfy shoes to wear on the airport. A great tip I can give for those who want to travel in comfort and still look sleek and chic is to choose sneakers with simple designs and are in a good solid color.

pink sneakers airport style white sneakers airport style

Other than the obvious accessory to bring (your travel bag), one accessory that you want to bring with you whenever you travel and put on at airports is a pair of sunglasses. You might have tired eyes that no amount of makeup can conceal but if you just slip on your favorite sunnies, you will not only hide those tired eyes but you will also look put together and instantly stylish.

round sunglasses airport style cat eye sunglasses airport style