Your Ultimate Guide To Bohemian Fashion

Bohemian fashion has reached its peak again and has made it to one of the trendiest styles of recent years since its popularity during the ’70s. The first Bohemians were travellers or refugees from central Europe and their name came from the French word bohémien, meaning “gypsy”. Now, in the modern age, the term “Bohemian” is applied to those people who live unconventional, and usually artistic, lives and this has been the root to the rise of Bohemian fashion.

Bohemian fashion is described as free-spirited, romantic, and lively comfortable. There are many garments that instantly channels the Bohemian vibes and there are those garments that, with the right accessories, can be worn in a Bohemian style outfit. Here is your ultimate guide to Bohemian fashion.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Having a layered outfit is a necessity for Bohemian fashion. But you have to consider the clothes you will be layering. If you don’t want to un-flatter yourself, veer away from all-long layers. A simple technique I’ve learned is that when you have a garment that hangs below the knee, have the other items in your outfit in various lengths. A waist-length top, high-low skirt and leggings outfit. For layering clothes of nearly similar lengths, I suggest that their lengths must be a few inches above the knees to achieve a cute oversized look.

black and white layered bohemian outfit


layered bohemian outfit

Ever-Existing Earthy Tones

Bohemian fashion channels to rich and warm earthy colors such as black, white, brown, cream and olive. Choose one of these colors and make them your main fashion palette. You can go from there with adding gold, gray, dark red, or deep purple. Make sure to choose colors that will look suit great to your skin tone, eye color and hair color.

utility jacket over peasant blouse and shorts


Of course, not all of us favors the earthy tones as part of our personal palette. And you always have the option to opt for brighter hues.


bright ethnic poncho bohemian

Channeling the ’70s

Bohemian fashion and its love child to Hippie fashion, boho-chic, has been at their finest during the ’70s. So channeling to the ’70s fashion and incorporating them to your Bohemian wardrobe will be simple yet very fashionable especially since ’70s has been the center of fashion inspiration this year. Think fringes, flared pants, and suede.

fringe jacket and crop top Gigi Hadid

crop top and flared pants

Oversized Clothes

Loose, relaxed and oversized. These are characteristics that the garments in your Bohemian outfit should have. Not all of it but at least one article of clothing. Maxi dresses and skirts are your easiest choice and these are great during the summer. You can also go for men-sized utility jackets and other over coats. Boyfriend clothes, too, are oversized clothing that you can add to your outfit.

boho maxi dress printed


sunflower cardigan over tank top and shorts

Abundance of Loud and Fun Prints

Bohemian fashion is all about loud and fun and printed. Granted, you can wear plains and still achieve a Bohemian styled outfit but the fun and bold prints are trademarks to the Boho style. Don’t forget to follow the mixed prints and plains-and-prints pairing scheme!

fun boho printed dress


bohemian printed dress

Statement Accessories

As mentioned above, Bohemian comes from the French word, Bohemien, which means gypsy and the one thing that gypsies were known for were the abundance of head-turning and bulky accessories around their wrists, arms, necks, ankles and heads.

gypsy statement accessories bohemian

statement necklace bohemian Vanessa Hudgens