Your Ultimate Guide To Laid Back Style

It is such a contradictory that you have to be careful with nailing the laid back style–a style that will make you look relaxed and seemingly carefree with your outfit choices–as it is inevitable that you will walk in a very fine line. One wrong clothing choice and you might tip the balance and end up looking slouchy and too homey in a sweater or you might go the other way and land up wearing something too dressy.

Coordinating a laid back ensemble is an art of its own merits. And you may want to master it. You can find inspiration from celebrities known for their laid back style likeĀ Lily Collins and Jennifer Aniston. And we might even be able to aide you with this guide to laid back style. Here are some wardrobe staples for the laid back style.


Nothing says relaxed and laid back more than loose clothes. Loose shirts are the epitome of a laid back atmosphere. You can wear a pair of pants underneath or tuck it in a pair of boyfriend shorts or skirt. What you have to remember is that the looseness of the shirt is measured by the sleeves and how it does not hug you around the bust to the waistline.

loose shirt and pants | AelidaEmma Roberts loose shirt and skirt | Aelida


You want to store a lot of basic tank tops in different colors and prints. They are so versatile and can be incorporated into any kind of outfit. For a relaxed and laid back look, you can pair it into your favorite jeans or shorts. You also have the option to layer it underneath a kimono jacket or cardigan.

tank top and jeans | Aelida

Jennifer Aniston white tank top | Aelida


Speaking of cardigan, this outerwear is the wardrobe staple for laid back style. And I meant the kinds of cardigans that are loose and flows with the wind. The key of achieving a laid back look is really to let your outfit have the general impression of looseness. A great alternative for cardigan is kimono jacket which also has that loose element to it.

cardigan and dress | Aelidacardigan and shorts


I’ve mentioned loose shirt above and now we’ll have its bottom counterpart–loose trousers. These bottoms are so comfortable to wear. They are great to pair with basic tops. But in the case of pairing loose trousers with an equally loose shirt, you want to tread that path carefully. You don’t want to end up looking too slouchy that it will swamp up your figure. A good way to avoid this is to tuck your loose shirt into the pants. And you can also use the light-top-dark-bottom color scheme.

Olivia Palermo slouchy pants | Aelidaloose trousers | Aelida


Boyfriend jeans is also another bottoms that is a definite wardrobe staple for laid back style. They usually give a tomboy look to them and draw a perfect line between comfort and style. We actually have a more extensive post about what you can wear with boyfriend jeans. But for laid back style, you want to stick to basic tops–tops in simple cuts and slight looseness.

boyfriend pants | Aelidaboyfriend jeans | Aelida


Overalls are one of the hot trends of the spring and summer that has successfully transitioned into the fall and winter. The great thing about overalls is that they can be worn with loose shirts or slim-fit long-sleeved tops and can still be considered laid back. It’s the essence of looking like a rural girl that gives this garment its laid back impression.

loose dark overalls | Aelidaoveralls and shirt | Aelida


So you might ask: what makes a boots casual? Well, first of all, its length. Ankle boots are widely considered casual boots because its gives an easy yet stylish look. Another thing that makes the boots casual is the simplicity of its design. You don’t want to look for boots with elaborate accents like buckles or chains or spikes. Just keep it simple and let the leather do the talking.

black ankle boots | Aelidacasual boots | Aelida


For spring and summer, you can replace those boots with low-heeled sandals for a fresher and season-appropriate look. Keep to low-heeled ones since they lean more on comfortability and relaxed aura.

low heels | Aelidakitten heels | Aelida