Your Ultimate Guide To Tomboy Chic Style

Unlike back in the ’60s and ’70s, wearing dude clothes have become an accepted part in fashion. While looking ladylike is still appealing today, going for slouchy and comfy pieces are deemed fashionable now too. That’s why the emergence of the tomboy chic look today have spread vastly among fashion mavens and us fashion fans.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to be an actual tomboy to dress up in a tomboy chic style. Sometimes, you just need to let out your fierce and ragged side and that’s okay. Here’s your ultimate guide to tomboy chic style.


When going for the tomboy look, it’s unquestionable that there is an element of the laid back style added into it. Thus, the presence of slouchiness in your garments. For the particular tomboy chic look, though, you wouldn’t go for something that’s all-out ragged. Remember that half of the style must be ‘chic’. So you want to add a touch of feminine essence in your ensemble. You can achieve this with pointy flats or belts.

slouchy tomboy chic Jessica Alba slouchy tomboy chic


You don’t want to wear skinny jeans (if you do, it’s highly recommend to opt for a ripped one) or cutoff shorts to pull off a tomboy chic attire. Instead, you can go for boyfriend shorts and pants, Bermuda shorts or a boxy shorts. Nothing skin-tight. These bottoms would create that androgynous element that you need for the tomboy chic ensemble while still open for a more feminine top like, say, a buttoned-up tucked in shirt.

tomboy chic shorts

loose pants tomboy chic


I guess it’s safe to say that there are a lot of tops that you could wear in a tomboy chic look. But the most common tops to wear are plaid shirts and graphic tees. Plaid shirt is an all around shirt that you can wear for any kind of look. To create a tomboy chic look with plaid shirt, you could try to tie a long-sleeved kind around your waist or wear one that is loose and baggy on you.

plaid shirt tomboy chic tomboy chic flannel shirt


Meanwhile, almost any kind of graphic tees will work for a tomboy chic attire. An easy choice is wearing any dark shirt. Folding the short sleeves of the shirt will also add to the ruffled look to your outfit.

tomboy chic graphic shirtgraphic tee tomboy chic


A tomboy chic style is also a great style that will give you the opportunity to relieve your feet of high heels and stilettos since a tomboy chic outfit will certainly need flats. Sneakers are great for a sporty and more tomboy look while a pair of loafers is fantastic for a heavier dose of preppy and chic.

tomboy chic loafers


There are a handful of celebrities and style icons whose personal styles revolve mainly around the tomboy chic style. Two of these stars are Kristen Stewart and Keira Knightley. You can go to sites or blogs dedicated in showing you their everyday tomboy chic looks for style inspirations.

Kristen Stewart tomboy chic Keira Knightley tomboy chic