Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Mod Fashion Modernly

There is no contest as to saying that the ’60s was the most inspiring and innovating fashion movements of all time. The decade’s fashion look was considered to be multi-faceted, with diversity sipping out from head to toe. And it was the time when Mod Fashion was born.

In the streets of sixties London, particularly, is ripe with inspiration and diverse style everywhere you look. Hemlines have climbed higher and higher past the knees. Prints are getting bolder and more fun. Booties are making a statement. But the overall aesthetic was fun, flirty, free and, of course, feminine.

However, in our modern day and age, you can’t just wear the ’60s mod fashion and expect for others to take you seriously. So I’m here to give you a guide to mod fashion and how to wear it modernly.

Babydoll Dresses

Babydoll dress, from its name, basically looks like the common clothes for your doll but fit for you. It usually has an empire waistline and an A-line skirt that hangs on your mid-thigh. The silhouette of the dress is fairly flattering for almost anyone.

babydoll dress chloe sevigny

plaid babydoll dress

A-Line Dresses

The difference with an A-line dress and babydoll dress is the usually absent waist-fit of most A-line dress–meaning it’s A-shaped from the neckline to the hem. You might think of this silhouette as unflattering but that’s not the case at all. Like babydoll dresses, A-line dresses falls to the mid-thighs. Thus, this won’t swamp on your figure at all. It actually ends up looking chic and stylish.

a line dress

a line dress blue

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts rose to popularity during the 1960s and has been a staple to mod fashion ever since. A chic and classy way to wear mini skirt would be to pair it with an equally chic sweater. It’s a great tip to remember when wearing mini skirts: keep your top half conservative when your showing off your gorgeous legs.

mini skirt outfit

black mini skirt

Pastel Colored Spring Coats 

I have a personal love for spring coats that falls a few inches above the knees. And it’s even more fun and feminine when it’s in any pastel colors. The great thing about owning at least one pastel-colored spring coat is that you can wear it over either a pastel outfit or a darkcolored outfit and it will still look great. Also, there’s a fun statement that it gives.

pastel spriing coat Elle Fanning

blue spring coat

Peter Pan Collar

Funny how the fun and flirty part of mod style is inspired from clothes young girls usually wear. So of course, Peter Pan collared-tops, otherwise known as baby collar, is part of that. There is a preppy vibe coming from a Peter Pan-collared top but it goes all-out mod when worn underneath an oversized sweater or if it’s attached to a cute dress. I suggest choosing a white collar on a dark-colored top so that the collar would stand out.

peter pan collar sweater

peter pan collar dress

Geometric Prints

Fun and bold prints have always been a trademark to mod fashion but it also changed the look of geometric prints. Particularly, op art–short for “optical art”–prints have been one of the most known geometric prints for mod style. An easy way for the prints to stand out is to wear them with neutral colors.

geometric printed skirt

blue geometric printed shirt

Color-blocked Dresses

Color-blocked dresses give an instant head-turning effect on your outfit. Then there is also the mondrian dress that was made popular by Yves Saint Laurent. This chic printed dress has been iconic during the ’60s and it still is now. Just remember that when you wear color-blocked dress or a mondrian dress, keep the rest of your outfit and accessories neutral and not let it overshadow the dress.

color blocked dress

mondrian dress

Opaque Tights

Tights are known to make one’s legs look slimmer. And colored opaque tights are what we see on ’60s movies and shows that are usually garnered for teens such as Scooby Doo’s Velma wearing her signature all-orange outfit. And if you think you won’t be able to pull that off on this age, think again. When wearing colored tights, you have to keep the rest of your outfit in neutral plain colors so as not to make your outfit too overwhelming–and the attention stays on those gorgeous tights.

purple tights

black tights

Oxford Shoes

If there’s anything we learned of Taylor Swift’s latest street style jaunts, it’s that oxford shoes are getting hotter and hotter. Whether it’s with or without heels, it’s a chic footwear to add on any kind of outfit you’re wearing.

black oxford shoes outfit

oxford shoes outfit

Booties and Knee-high Boots

It was during the 1960s too when boots have transformed into a more stylish and feminine aesthetic. And all girls from all age just wants them. The great thing about knee high boots is that is great for those who doesn’t want to bare their entire legs while wearing mid-thigh length skirts or dresses. And booties are just chic on any kind of attire.

booties outfit Taylor Swift

brown suede knee high boots

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup has been the most innovated and inspiring during the ’60s. Blunt bangs, pixie cut, the constant presence of fake eyelashes. Eye makeup, on particular, has been getting bolder during that time. The vintage and bold makeup we see now have been inspired during that decade. And the most wearable among all of these is the easy winged eyeliner.

pixie haircut Anne Hathaway

blunt bangs

fake eyelashes

winged eyeliner Diane Kruger