Your Ultimate Style Guide For Festival Season

One of the most popular things associated with summer is the festival season. Whether it’s rocking out in the Coachella and in other music festivals or just flaunting yourself on the streets, you want to bask among the festival air and be part of it. Like the winter holidays.

But if you’re hesitating in joining the game of neon shirts, floral headband, and cutoff shorts, then worry not! You don’t have to! This year, the runways are obviously heavily influenced with the nostalgia for the 70s that will offer the romantic and carefree air you will need for the festival season without losing the classiness and sophistication.

Here are some things that you need to upgrade to your “festival” wardrobe.


Nothing says “This is so 70s” more than fringe. So what’s so good about fringe, you might ask? It’s in-season. It’s perfect for the bohemian/rock girl mix that’s everywhere in music festivals. It’s great for street style. It’s great for summer!fringe skirt



Knee-high Gladiator Sandals

This is rocking out during the Spring/Summer Collections! It’s spectacular for that hot long walk between stages in an open field or a simple walk in the beach while looking stylish and fabulous. Just remember to wear something that will not graze through the knee-length straps. We don’t want those rocker straps hidden away, don’t we?

gladiator sandals

gladiator sandals tall


Upgraded Denim

Who says the only way to wear denim during festival seasons is through short shorts? This season amp up your style with denim dresses, jumpers, shackets (yes, that’s a shirt and jacet hybrid) and coveralls.

denim dress cute


denim overalls

Oversized top

While we all love crop tops and tank tops, an oversized shirt of any kind–whether it’s band, statement, or graphic–that has prints relevant to music is a loose and more comfortable alternative.



oversized denim


oversized shirt

Lace and Crochet Combo

This sophisticated combo actually gives you a more feminine and romantic look among the crowd of floral prints and flannel shirts that is common in music festivals.



lace crochet shirt


lace crochet



Wide-brimmed Hats

So those floral wreaths were wonderful last year but let’s face it, ladies. They don’t really offer a lot of functionality than they could in style. Whereas wide-brimmed hats would definitely look amazing while protecting you from the sun at the same time.


wide brim fedora

wide brim  fedora