Your Ultimate Style Guide To Geek Chic Fashion

It’s amazing how many styles have emerged nowadays and the numerous places where fashion designers and stylists get their inspirations. Most of which are from individuals who are so proud of their personal styles and of who they truly are that they are not ashamed to break the stereotype that they get from society. And I’m talking about the fashionable geeks and nerds.

Before, geeks and nerds are in the bottom of a typical school’s social strata. Being stereotyped as people who are academically excellent yet socially awkward. Movies have this way of portraying geeky characters as people with a “weird” sense of fashion just because they don’t dress hip and cool. But the thing is, fashionable geeks are actually somewhat preppy in such a way that they go for clean lines and simple silhouettes. Here’s your ultimate guide in wearing geek chic clothes.


Glasses is the one big difference between a preppy look and geek chic. In geek chic style, you could take a break from those contact lenses. But you don’t just look for any bookish pair of glasses. Find specs that will look great on your face shape.

glasses | Aelida

chic glasses | Aelida


Tops with collars, particularly the Peter Pan kind, are a wardrobe staple for a preppy-styled outfit. And it also is for a geek chic look. The easiest way to style up a collared top is by layering. It’s usually great if you do some contrasting scheme with this. Like, if your collared top is light-colored, layer it underneath a dark sweater or dress and do the opposite if the collared top is dark-colored. Basically, you want those collars to stand out in the outfit.

sweater over collared shirt | Aelida

collared top under dress| Aelida


Buttoned shirts are so basic and versatile that it’s a staple for any style. The way you’ll dress and wear those buttoned shirt will make the difference. For a geek chic look on buttoned shirt, go for the prim-and-proper atmosphere. Button it all up and if you do plan on rolling up or cuffing, cuff or roll your sleeves as neat as possible.

Kendall Jenner chambray shirt | Aelida

buttoned shirt | Aelida


Graphic t-shirts are probably one of the geeks and nerds most known outfit in films. These shirts come printed with a phrase or a name or an iconic brand. To fit shirts like these in an outfit that is beyond the typical shirt-and-jeans outfit combo, you have to pair them up depending on their color. Shirts in black or white are typically easy to style in a monochromatic outfit.

statement shirt and cardigan | Aelida

Beatles crop top outfit | Aelida


When using cardigan for a geek chic outfit, I suggest going for an all-basic outfit. Chic Asian outfits usually compose of relaxed and basic pieces that create this amazingly simple silhouette and a clean line all over.

cardigan outfit | Aelida

cardigan and shorts | Aelida


For blazers, you want to find that fine line between uber-fit and oversized-enough-to-be-androgynous. FInd a blazer that’s not so snugly fit and yet not also too large on you. It also helps if the hemline is curvier rather than sharp.

blazer and shirt | Aelida

blazer and dress | Aelida



Oxford shoes and socks/stockings are probably the easiest way to achieve the geek chic look in the shoe department. Find inspirations from street style muse Taylor Swift who has amazing tastes with what to wear with oxford shoes.

oxford shoes outfit | Aelida

red knee socks outfit | Aelida