Creative Success Systems Book Review: Realizing Your Goals

Creative Success Systems Book Review
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to do this book review for Creative Success Systems Not only do I completely love this book, but it was also written by our very own incredible cousin, Michelle Hess Withers. Just a little bit about Michelle, she grew up in Tremonton, Utah, served her church in Denmark for 18 months, graduated in Economics from Washington State University, has ran 3 successful business, has taught classes on goal setting as a business trainer for over 10 years, is a wife, and mother of 4.
Have you ever read a book on motivating, goal setting, habit for etc. and felt beyond inspired and just good. Then you decided to make things happen, but realize your not sure what step to take next? Well, my favorite thing about Creative Success Systems is that it’s not just an inspirational book that inspires you to achieve your goals. It’s also exactly what it says it is, a system, a guide. Michelle teaches steps and techniques to make it to that finish line and accomplish that dream. We all know we come from different walks of life, have different personalities, different ways of remembering, and learning. But not to worry, there’s something for everyone and every type.
Creative Success Systems Book
Many of you have maybe heard of dream board or have made one for yourself. I’m a very visual person, so I love this. Creative Success Systems talks about dream boards and creating them. If you can see your goals and constantly be reminded of them, you are more likely to accomplish them. Michelle’s son Porter, a very talented swimmer, does an activity to keep his Olympic goal in his mind. And after you read some of the experiences Michelle shares in her book, no doubt we will see Porter there one day.
One of my favorite lines in the book is, “a goal unwritten is only a wish.” Unfortunately having a dream board everywhere you go would be difficult and annoying, but having them simply written where you can see them often helps you to be able to hold that focus. I love what Michelle did with her daughter Abi and her ballet goals. They got an old point shoe to write and draw her goals on them, so creative!!!
While I’ve loved being able to do this book review, I have to admit it’s been a very challenging one for me to write. Why? Because I literally want to share the entire book, but sadly I can’t do that. Fortunately, you can get the book as either an ebook or a hard copy at It’s geared for both adults and youth. Michelle has worked with people from all spectrums, women, families, athletes, small businesses, etc. So the stories and experiences she shares are from and broad range and there’s something for everyone to identify with.
I’m excited for everyone to read Creative Success Systems and hope to hear your stories, which you can share on her site.
Review for Creative Success Systems Book
Michelle will also being going on tour and doing goal setting seminars in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California, seminars are only $5.00, so check it out and see if she’s coming toyour town. Also watch our Facebook, to find out where she’ll be.