Cute nicknames for guys

coupleCute nicknames for guys

Are you tired of the usual pet names for your guy, such as honey, baby, or love? If you want to be unique and different in calling your boyfriend, then here are cute nicknames you can use on your guy.

Angel face. This cute nickname will tell your boyfriend that he’s been sent from heaven. Not only does it tell him that he is handsome, it can also tell him that he’s meek, good, and kind.

Big daddy. If your boyfriend is a tall and big guy, then this pet name is perfect for him!


Casanova. Although adventurer Giacomo Casanova is known for his womanizing antics, calling him this nickname will make him feel like such a lover.

Dimples. Dimples are cute parts of any man’s face and appear every time he smiles. Call your boyfriend this and you’ll surely see his nice dimples.

Dumpling. Dumplings are delicious Chinese delicacies. This cute nickname will show him that you like munching on him as if he was a dumpling.

couple- and -chocolate

Hot chocolate. Chocolate is delicious and hot – well – shows that he’s off the charts. Call him this and you would have definitely made his day.

Hunk. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend is not as chiseled as other men out there. Referring to him as “my hunk” will make him feel good despite the 10 pounds he gained ever since he started dating you.

Man of my life. While this nickname is not as cute as the other ones, it shows that you care for him deeply, and he’s the only one in your life.

My everything. Again, this is not as cute as the other ones, but it’s one of the best in the list. Why? It goes to show that you are nuts about him.

Peanut butter. Sweet and sticky, these are the characteristics of peanut butter. Peanut butter is a great spread for bread, and even though sweet and sticky define the consistency of peanut butter, calling your boyfriend this is a cute way of telling him that he is super sweet, and that you’d like to stick with him forever.

pumpkin-and - happy couple

Pumpkin pie. Most nicknames end with ‘pie’ and why not call him your favorite – Pumpkin Pie? Well, if this is not your favorite pastry, you can replace it with your favorite one – whether it’s Apple or Blueberry.

Rock star. Maybe your boyfriend is one who enjoys playing the instruments. Call him this and it will surely boost his ego. Besides, who doesn’t want to date a rock star?