Top 7 Ways to Put Him in the Friend Zone without Being Rude


Have you ever experienced being prodded by a friend for a relationship that goes beyond what you can offer?  If you have a friend that happens to like you romantically whom you would rather stay friends with, here are some tips that can help you stop everything before it even begins.

  1. Be Subtle

First, you have to be subtle.  It helps to be oblivious when it comes to sexual advances especially from a friend.  If you feel like he’s coming onto you, politely change the subject or just ignore everything that he’s doing.  Eventually, he will get the hint and stop it altogether.

  1. Send No Mixed Signals

Secondly, you should not send mixed signals.  If you want to stay friends with someone, it is important that you are clear with your intent.  Do not say no one moment then show him that you have interest the next day.  Consistency is key when it comes to preventing a romantic relationship (love) from taking off.

  1. Be Clear and Firm

Another thing that you have to do when it comes to friend zoning someone it is to be clear and firm about your stand.  Once you have said something to not take it back unless you mean it.  If you do otherwise, it may seem like you are toying with your friend’s feelings.  This will not be very good for the relationship in the long run.

  1. Be Honest

Third, if you want to stay friends, you have to be honest with your friend about your feelings.  If you do not like him that way, tell him directly that it might be best for you to stay friends.  Apologize for not being able to return his feelings and move on from there.

  1. Remind Him of the Friendship and Its Significance

In connection with the fourth tip, it would also help to remind him how important the friendship is to you.  Tell him that you would not want to lose him as a friend and if he continues, it just might end up that way.

  1. Talk About Other People

Another thing that you can do to dodge the romantic bullet is talk about other people.  Particularly, you should talk about other guys that you are interested in.  By doing this, you will make him realize that you do not see him that way and he will be the one to stop eventually.

  1. Give Him the Space and Time

Be open to giving him space.  It may happen that you may not be able to accept the fact that you don’t like him a certain way immediately.  If this happens, you have to be willing to give in this space to process everything so that eventually you will be able to go back to the way it was or have a semblance of normalcy under the circumstances.

In this case, he would just need some time to think things through and eventually if he is really a true friend, he will come back to you and become an even better friend than before.

These are just some of the many steps that you can take to reserve your friendship with any guy that would want to court you.  Always remember that if a guy really loves you like he claims, he would respect your decision and leave you be.