A Bride’s Guide to Lace Wedding Gowns

It is said that a wedding is the most memorable day a woman will ever have in her life. This is because it marks the start of a new life, not only for her as an individual but for her and her partner together as a couple. For this reason, women are often obsessed with planning wedding months ahead to ensure that they get nothing less than perfect on their special day. One of the things that a bride spends most of her time on is searching for the right wedding gown. Lace wedding gowns are very on trend right now. They’re very romantic and feminine which makes them perfect for any woman who wishes to have a lovely dress. Here’s a simple guide for any bride who’s considering lace wedding gowns.

  • Consider the placement of lace on your wedding gown – the placement of lace on your wedding gown is very important and it can help you achieve different looks and effects. Here are some of the most popular spots where people choose to place lace on their wedding gowns:

backless lace wedding gown beautiful lace wedding gown

  • Sleeves – when you want sleeves on your wedding gown but don’t want to feel hot or sweaty throughout the whole ceremony, you can do lace sleeves instead. These will be more cool because lace is so much breathable compared to other fabrics. It also adds a very girly and elegant touch to your wedding gown,

laced back detail wedding gown

lace sleeved wedding gown

  • Neckline – channel a gorgeous vintage vibe by placing lace on your neckline. A popular lace neckline design is a chinois but you can always do it any way you like. Sometimes, lace is used as an overlay for an already existing neckline and in case this neckline is too low, a lace neckline overlay can cover it up for you to make your dress more ladylike.

lace wedding gown vintage inspired wedding gown

  • Back – while a low back may look very sexy and glamorous like how celebrities wear their gowns on the red carpet, it may be a little too inappropriate for a bridal dress, especially if you’re doing a church wedding. You can make your dress more conservative, even with a low back, as long as you cover it up with lace.

overall lace wedding gown lace mermaid wedding gown

  • Overall sheer lace overlay – a nice way to build a really gorgeous, elegant and romantic fairytale-like gown is to have an overall sheer lace overlay on your wedding gown. This adds an interesting texture to your dress and gives it a very chic look.

simple lace wedding gown short lace wedding gown

  • Lace as detail – when you want to keep your dress simple but still want lace somehow incorporated in it, you can always choose to go for lace details like a lace appliqué sewn on a specific part of the dress that you really want to pop.

 colored lace detail