10 Amazing Black Diamond Engagement Rings

black diamond engagement ringsBlack Diamond Engagement Rings for trendsetters

More than 80% of soon-to-be wives all around the world were given diamond engagement rings by their fiancés. If you don’t want to be just like any other woman, then you can go with a sophisticated yet unique engagement band made of Black Diamond.

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Black Diamond engagement  or wedding rings

What are Black Diamonds?

These gemstones, also known as Carbonado diamonds, were first mined in Brazil in the 19th century. This relatively new stone is now mined from several other countries such as Australia and Africa.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, Carbonado diamonds are not exactly black from the beginning. During the 1950’s, scientists from the United States and Russia began synthesizing black diamonds in their laboratories. From this innovation, now there are several treatments employed to change the color from crystal clear to ebony black.

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Some carbonado diamonds were exposed to radiation to modify its color. To the untrained eye, this diamond has a stark black color. But when you expose it under fiber optic light, black diamonds emit a dark green color.

Some carbonado diamonds are included with graphite. The high amount of graphite in the diamond makes the stone appear jet black. At the same time, it makes the stone very hard to cut and polish.

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Then again, there are natural black diamonds which were not treated in any way. These natural gems are the 202-carat Black Star of Africa and the 67.5-carat Black Orloff.

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Black Diamond engagement   wedding rings


There are many cuts from you to choose from – round, princess, emerald, oval, heart, pear, and cushion. The qualities can either be AA or AAA. The wedding band metal which can be used for your black diamond engagement ring include 14K White Gold, 18k White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, and Platinum.

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What’s great about a black diamond engagement ring is that you can add other precious gemstones to further beautify your band. You can add the traditional clear diamond, or a red ruby, which is one of the ultimate signs of love.

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A Carbonado Diamond Engagement rings is so special and unique that many celebrities have chosen this ebony stone for their bands. One is Carmen Electra, who was given a black diamond engagement ring by third hubby Rob Patterson. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) of the Sex and the City fame also sported a black diamond ring in the second movie.

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If you want a unique rock to flaunt on your ring finger just like the aforementioned celebrities, then what you need is a black diamond engagement ring will truly make you stand out.