Different Styles of Wedding Bands for Women

Most brides are in search for the most perfect wedding bands for women for their wedding day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, which is why it is important for every bride to make everything perfect, no matter how impossible it may seem. The rings cannot be taken for granted, because this is one of the reminders of your wedding vows that you will wear for the rest of your married life. These wedding bands should not be really expensive, nor should it be very beautiful that it comes to the point of being extremely intricate. The rings should suit the personality of the wearers. Here are some images of the different wedding bands for women and men too.

engagement ring and wedding band

Here is a gorgeous wedding band no woman can resist. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as they say. Apparently, she will be able to take it through the rest of her married life with these rings.

Diamond Wedding Ring


These platinum wedding bands have a ethereal side to it. The intricacy of the design makes it very unique. It can even pass as antique wedding bands. There are several couples who would prefer platinum and titanium wedding bands over the usual gold and silver ones.

Platinum Wedding Ring


For the couples who find simplicity very special, this wedding band is most perfect for them. Simple wedding rings like these will never go off the market, as these are already classics.
Simple Wedding Band

These elaborately designed tricolor wedding rings are beautifully crafted and are definitely unique among all the other wedding band designs.

Tricolor Unique Wedding Band


These designer wedding bands are for couples who like to have it simple, but will not settle for the too plain wedding bands.

Two Tone Wedding Ring

Here are images of some celebrities proudly wearing their custom wedding bands.

Beyonce wears her special wedding band that seems to literally glitter on her finger.

Beyonce Wedding Ring


Catherine Zeta Jones wears her sparkling wedding ring on her wedding picture. Her wedding is considered one of the most perfect celebrity wedding of all time.

Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding


Megan Fox has a simple diamond wedding band.

Megan Fox Wedding Band


Tia Mowry’s wedding bands sparkles because it is full of diamonds.

Tia Mowry Wedding Band


Kate Middleton’s wedding ring is considered to be eco-friendly, since it has been made from repurposed local welsh gold. Nevertheless, it still looks fabulous on her.

Kate Middleton Wedding Band


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The bride would not stop at anything as long as everything goes perfect. As for the wedding bands, it is important to consider the price, the design and the functionality of the rings. There are several wedding bands for women to choose from, but only one pair to wear for the rest of your married life.