Flattering Ivory Wedding Dresses

They say wedding dresses should be as white as possible to symbolize purity of the bride. But, during this modern generation, colors have been added to wedding gowns and contrary to old belief that wearing an ivory wedding dress is scandalous (because the bride shows impurity to the groom), ivory wedding dresses are in fact very flattering. Besides, not all women look good in pure white wedding dresses so if you think that ivory wedding gowns look best on you, then never think twice and get the best ivory dress for your wedding.

Ivory is just a shade of white so getting an ivory wedding dress is just adding some touch of life to your conventional white dress. Ivory dresses for weddings can be your option and here are some of the flattering ivory wedding dresses for your big day.

Having a perfectly elegant ivory dress is every girls dream during their wedding day. Simple ivory wedding dresses look very elegant like this one with additional black highlights for added style. Flatter your groom during your wedding day by wearing this flattering wedding dress.

Ivory Wedding Attire

If you want more drama in your dress, you can actually combine a silk fabric and a lace fabric along the hem. A pretty bow can also be placed to add charm.

Ivory Wedding Dress

Ivory dresses can also be a good color for modest wedding dresses. This sleeved ivory wedding dress is simply pretty and flattering.

Ivory Wedding Dresses

Have a pleated transparent fabric on your wedding dress in layers to create a dramatic look on your ivory dress.

Ivory Wedding Gown

Embroidered designs on ivory dresses is actually a classic when it comes to wedding dresses. However, they are still very fashionable and could be your wedding dress during your big day.

Ivory Wedding gowns

An ivory lace wedding dress is also a  good pick for your big day. This attractive lace dress is made from quality lace fabric with a sexy backless design to add elegance to the wedding gown.

Lace Ivory Wedding Dress

A simple ivory wedding dress is very classy without the added accents. Match the silk dress with a gorgeous veil to make the dress stand out.

Mermaid Ivory Wedding Gown

For younger brides who desire a Cinderella-inspired wedding gown, this ivory wedding dress is very cute.

Pretty ivory Wedding Dress

This halter ivory gown with pretty studs can be very seductive and elegant at the same time. The design along the hemline is like a modern Beauty and the Beast inspired ball gown.

Silk Ivory Wedding Dress

One shoulder wedding dresses are also ‘in’ when it comes to modern weddings. Let your long hair fall along one side to highlight the beautiful strap.

Simple Silk Ivory Wedding dress

Colored wedding dresses are now highly acceptable during formal and informal wedding events. So if you want some color in your dress, but would not want to stay away from white, then an ivory wedding dress is just right for you.