Gold Wedding Dresses

As you watch the Academy Awards, everyone at one time or another has imagined themselves walking down the red carpet. You would be wearing a gorgeous gown and all eyes would be on you as you walked by.

If you want the same feeling on your wedding day, why not depart from tradition and wear a gold gown instead of white? We have some wonderful options that we hope will inspire you to consider alternatives to the norm.

elie-saab-gold wedding dress

In many ways, a gold dress feels more special than a white one. Plus, gold has the potential be way more more flattering against golden and olive skin tones. If you’re getting married, you’re not stuck with the traditional white gown any longer. Spice up your wedding by choosing a gold gown.


Gold wedding dresses are becoming more popular. Gold gowns come in several different shades of gold; you can go for a dull or bright and shiny gold or for something in between.

chiffon gold wedding dress

The best part of wearing a gold dress is that it can be used again and again. Unlike other gowns that need to be tucked away and stored, a gold gown could easily be used for another occasion.


As you can see, gold is in and it’s okay to make your wedding day elegant and regal. You should look and feel special on your big day. Consider all of your alternatives when selecting your wedding gown. Definitely make gold an option.


Love it or hate it, gold dresses have become all the rage. Though Blake Lively wore a couture Marchesa gown for her own wedding to Ryan Reynolds on September 9, she was photographed wearing this glam George Chakra gown on the set of Gossip Girl.


This gown in a luxurious shade of gold is perfect for the bride that wants to embody elegance. The tone-on-tone detailing on the dress adds just the right amount of embellishment without being too ornate.


If you are not a big fan of choosing big and bold colors for your wedding dress, you can create a unique and fabulous color combination for your wedding gown.


In eastern cultures, the color of gold is considered a sacred color, and it has the highest reflective power than any other color. Color shades of gold are also able to grow warm. Gold cord, gold trim, silk and gold feathers and even gold are the rage in the bridal fashion week.

gold wedding dress

If you want to find a wedding dress unusual or different from another, mix gold with your white wedding dress, even gold is just a little part of your gown, but it will shining all over the dress. Gold is the second white; it will be great if you choose gold as your bridal gown’s color. You’ll be shining like gold!