Ideas for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be very stressful more so if you need a bigger size.  If you are larger than the average women, you really don’t need to hide all those flabs in your body in an all-covered dress because believe me, it will be very uncomfortable and makes you look like a nun in your wedding day. Even large women can now have a stylish and designer plus size wedding dress that would fit perfectly their plus sized bodies. Plus sized wedding dresses look very spectacular when worn and creates an illusion that the bride is smaller in size. If you are planning for your big day and would want to consider great wedding dresses, the following are the best ideas for plus size wedding gowns:

Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Sleeved plus size bridal gowns are basic when it comes to large women. The sleeves allow you to keep the large arms off the sight. For a sexier look, you can actually make the sleeves see-through to partially create an illusion that your arms are smaller.

Sleeved Wedding Dress

If you are more daring, you can reinvent your sleeved plus size wedding attire into an off-shoulder one. The silver sequins in the waist area serves as a belt to make your waistline smaller.

Off shoulder plus size weddign dress

Halter Wedding Gowns

There is really no need to follow rules strictly when it comes to wedding gowns. Even if you are big, you can carry a halter plus size wedding gown just as long as you are also equipped with self-confidence during your wedding day. The halter wedding dress below is really best for large women because the waistline design makes the area smaller or slimmer.

Halter plus size wedding dress

Pleated Wedding Gown

A pleated plus size wedding dress at the trunk also makes your upper body slimmer because it seems like the dress is wrapped around your trunk. Observe that this gown also has a special feature on the waistline to make the area smaller. The design on the lower part of the dress also creates an impression that the dress is extravagant and big and not your body.

Pleated plus sized wedding gown

This gown is another variety of a pleated wedding gown with a waistline feature.

Plus sized wedding gowns

If you don’t want a tube look, you can actually add a stylish strap in one or both shoulders for added design. You can also ask your designer to add some details on the dress.

Plus sized wedding dress

Flowing Wedding Gown

These plus size formal gowns are best described as flowing wedding gowns because of a simple effect at the skirt area. The fabric flows to the floor in a light manner making the bride look slimmer. A design that reveals part of the cleavage is also sexier for large women.

Plus size wedding dress

This wedding gown is also a variety of a flowing wedding gown with a revealing effect on the top.

Plus size wedding gown

A true epitome of elegance, simplicity and beauty is this plus size wedding dress with lace straps, beads, hip pleats and a flowing hemline with rhinestones.

Plus sized wedding dresses

Tube Wedding Gown

If you are looking for a simpler plus size wedding dresses, a simple tube dress may be best for you. Beat the monotony of a simple tube dress by adding some rhinestones on the chest area and have an elegant embroidery on the hemline.

plus sized wedding gown

The real key to having a perfect wedding attire is to be comfortable in what you will wear on your big day as well as getting what you really want. Your wedding day may not be repeated anymore so you might as well design a gown that fits your comfort and interests.