Informal Beach Wedding Dresses

Wedding is the most special occasion in the life of a woman, and so this day is bound to have everything special. Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day.

But, it is not necessary to wear the traditional wedding gown to actually look like one. Nowadays, many couples opt for an informal beach wedding, and wearing a traditional wedding gown for an informal wedding seems to be a laborious task.


One can surely wear an informal wedding dress for the beach and look cool, sophisticated and most importantly, beautiful. The traditional church wedding is full of glamour and glitz. No expense is spared in sprucing up the building with elaborate decorations.


The bride’s attire is elegant and her court is very formally dressed. There are some advantages to having a beach wedding. One obvious benefit is the picturesque setting. The ocean front provides a beautiful backdrop for such a prestigious occasion. But it also lends itself to many other advantages, especially for the bride’s dress.


With the ceremony taking place outside it can become a much less formal setting. The informal beach wedding dress can be a lot less expensive than traditional gowns. Some expense is saved simply in the making of the dress.

beach wedding

Traditional gowns are made of silk and other more expensive fabrics; however the beach wedding dress can be made from materials that are not as costly. Wearing and informal wedding dress can yield other monetary benefits. Money can be saved on shoes, hairdos and head wear.

informal beach wedding

The veil can be much shorter with the more casual dress. Many times the bride can wear sandal footwear or go completely without shoes because of the sandy terrain. The natural setting lends itself to much more informal wear for the entire bridal party.

beach wedding gown

This can save a lot of money. When the bride wears less formal attire the entire bridal party can be more casual as well. This can be a huge money saver. The wedding dress itself can be much less expensive than the traditional counterparts. Not only can the material be a less expensive cut, but the dress can be less full.

halter top beach bridal dress

It also can be shorter lengths rather than long and flowing with a train. It can be garnished very inexpensively with fresh flowers or other accessories.

chiffon informal beach wedding dress

The informal beach wedding dress does not have to be difficult to find. Rather than ordering or purchasing from a formal wedding shop, it can be special ordered and made by a professional seamstress. This can save a considerable amount of money as well.

beach bridal dress

The dress itself is less expensive but much can be saved on accessories as well. The veil, flowers, and jewelry can be much less costly. Shoes and other items are easier to find and purchased for much less than those for adorning the bride in a traditional church wedding.