Modest Wedding Dresses for the Modern Times

A wedding dress is one of the major items that you should prepare in your wedding day. There are a lot of wedding dress designs nowadays from simple and conventional wedding designs to extravagant and sexy gowns. Most women would definitely go for extravagant dresses to make their wedding very special, but there are still some women who want to celebrate their wedding day in a simple and modest manner to preserve the solemnity of the event. In this line, they seek modest wedding dresses that will show their beauty naturally. Modest wedding dresses combine beauty with style and it is a perfect look for a solemn and formal wedding events. When you want perfect wedding dresses, and gowns that meet your modest standards, modest wedding dress designs are best. The following gives you a look at the most stylish and popular modest wedding gowns:

Long Sleeves Modest Wedding Gowns

When we think of modest wedding gowns, we always picture┬ámodest wedding dress with long sleeves because it is a perfect look for a simple wedding dress. Well, the most popular woman that used a long sleeve wedding gown would be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Most people expected that she will wear a princess type designed gown, but who would have expected that Prince William’s bride would look perfect in her modest wedding dress. Well a royalty should surely preserve a respectable image with this modest wedding gown. So if you want a modest Kate Middleton look on your wedding day, why not get something like this one.

Modest wedding dress

Another variety of a long sleeve wedding gown is this simple, two-piece gowns perfect for romantic weddings.

modest wedding gown

Cap Sleeves Modest Wedding Gowns

You can cut off the long sleeves with this cap sleeves wedding dress modest look. A plain hemline surely shows a meek character in your dress.

Simple Wedding dresses

If you want a modest, yet stylish wedding gown, you can also use lace all-over the dress for a stunning, but simple look.

Cap Sleeves Modest Wedding Gown

Short Sleeves Modest Wedding Dress

This modest wedding dress does not expose too much skin that you would not want to show off during a formal and solemn wedding event. It is modest, yet still shows the perfect curves of your body.

Meek Wedding Dress

Another modest wedding dress that you can use is this pretty gown made with lace. The gown is very pleasant to the eyes and not very extravagant, yet gives you style and beauty during your wedding day.

Modern modest wedding dress

This gown is almost alike with the previous gown, but the A-lined skirt makes a picture-perfect modern fairy tale look.

Modest wedding gown

If you are not into lace designs, you can have this modest wedding dress with beautiful embroidery on the chest and shoulders area.

Modest Mermaid Wedding Dress

Cute brides look best in this Cinderella-inspired modest wedding dress. A cute bow in the waist area and the design on the hemline makes it stylish, but the plain silk fabric makes it very simple.

Simple wedding dress

Tube Modest Wedding Dress

You can still achieve a modest look with this tube dress that was simply designed with embroidered fabric. You can show a little skin on your shoulders, but the gown creates an overall look of a modern, modest woman.

Simple wedding gown

Your wedding day is one of the most precious events in your life, but make sure that your dress becomes very beautiful because of how you carry the dress and not the other way around. Your wedding dress should naturally reveal your beauty in your special day so modest wedding dresses are perfect.