Pretty Pink Wedding Dresses

When it comes to colored wedding dresses, a pink wedding dress comes to bride’s minds first because it is as pretty as white wedding gowns, but more modern and more chic. Brides today are going out of the conventional white dresses and it can’t be denied that pink is one of the favorite colors of women. Pink fits cute, petite and modest women and shows a very feminine touch.

Here are the prettiest pink wedding dresses that you can find:

Light Pink Wedding Dresses

Light pink wedding dresses are the next color you would want to use aside from a white or an ivory wedding dress. For women who want a modern day fairy tale wedding, getting a light pink wedding dress is just right. This cap sleeve wedding dress matched with a cute crown makes you a stunning princess ready to become the queen of your groom.

Pink wedding gown

This light pink wedding gown is also a good wedding design for fancy weddings.

Light pink wedding dress

If you want to become a stunning bride, this lovely light pink wedding dress is very nice to make you a lovely swan princess during your wedding day.

Fairy Tale pink wedding dress

Hot Pink Wedding Dresses

Aside from light pink, you can get a bolder shade of pink in the form of hot pink. Light pink fits cute and modest brides while hot pink wedding dresses fit bolder women. This mermaid wedding dress with a combination of old rose and lavender floral design on the bust are is simply stunning and sexy.

Lovely pink wedding dress

If you want a modern day fairy tale wedding, but would rather choose a darker shade of pink, then this hot pink wedding dress with sparkling rhinestones and a black accent is very dazzling.

Hot pink wedding dress

You can also have a lightly beaded dress like this one with an overlying tulle fabric for a modern Barbie look.

Pink wedding dress

Unique Pink Wedding Dresses

You can also reinvent your pink dress by making it unique for non-contemporary wedding events. This wedding dress in pink and black shows wedding extravagance for stylish brides.

Unique pink wedding dress

If you just want a touch of pink in your dress, you can also incorporate the color in any part of the white dress like this unique wedding dress design.

Pink wedding gowns

For lighter shades, use a light pink fabric to add highlights to the white wedding dress.

Pink wedding dresses

Another unique design for a white and pink gown is this silk and tulle dress. The white tulle fabric makes the pink dress very stylish.

Gorgeous pink wedding dress

Pink wedding gowns are very feminine and chic so add a more feminine touch to the most important dress in your life by having a pretty pink wedding dress